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Bowers Stadium is one of the toughest places for opposing teams to play thanks to the incredible support of the Bearkats fans. All throughout the game Sam Houston State fans cheer and chant to get into the heads of the opposition.

No group of fans is louder than the Kat Krazies. The Kat Krazies sit near the 50-yard line and give the opponents a hard time by cheering and chanting, as well as banging mallets and drums. If you want to sit with the most die-hard Bearkats fans out there, then make sure to get a spot in the east stand near the 50-yard line.

It’s not just the great fan support that makes attending a Bearkats game a fun experience. The band and spirit squads also put on excellent performances. The Bearkat Marching Band’s shows are great and will get everyone ready to cheer on the team throughout the game. You also won’t want to miss the performances of cheer squads, Orange Pride Dance Team, or Sammy Bearkat during the game either.

A Bearkats game is an excellent road trip for any FCS football fan, so start planning your trip to Huntsville for a Sam Houston State game today.


Things to check out

Bearkats Entrance

Get to your seat early, so you don’t miss the Bearkats entrance. Before the game, the Bearkats enter the game by running through an inflatable helmet working the crowd into a frenzy. The entrance is an incredible part of any Bearkats game making it a must-see.

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Sam Houston State installed a new 32 ft 4 in by 79 ft 6 in video scoreboard in 2015 giving you a fantastic view of every replay. The new video board makes a world of difference, so enjoy it when taking in a Bearkats game.

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Bearkat Marching Band

The Bearkat Marching Band’s pregame and halftime shows are both excellent performances, so don’t leave your seat when you see them take the field. The band also provides a great atmosphere throughout the game with their in-game music as well making them a fantastic part of any game.

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Kat Krazies

You can spot the Kat Krazies in the first few rows near the 50-yard line cheering on the Bearkats. The Kat Krazies are the wildest and craziest fans at Sam Houston State games, so keep an eye out for them and their antics at the game.

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Sammy Bearkat

Fans young and old enjoy Sammy Bearkat and his in-game shenanigans. If you see Sammy Bearkat during the game give him a hug or high five.

Cheer Teams

Get up and cheer along with the Bearkats cheer teams during the game. The cheer teams do a fantastic job of pumping up the crowd, so join in and show your support for the Bearkats.

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Orange Pride Dance Team

You won’t want to miss the performances of the Orange Pride Dance Team. The Orange Pride will dazzle you with their dance moves making them a can’t miss part of any game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Bearkat Fight Song

    Fight, fight you Bearkats!
    Fight on through!
    We’re here in back of you!
    You know again we’re here to win
    So fight until the end.
    Loyal we’ll ever be and true to SHSU
    We’ll fight and fight with all our might
    For Sam Houston’s Orange and White!


  2. SHSU Alma Mater

    Hail to Sam Houston, school we love best.
    Mighty in battle, true to the test.
    Bearkats so loyal, Ever we’ll be,
    Orange and white will lead us to victory.

    Hail Alma Mater, hats off to you.
    Ever you’ll find us, loyal and true
    Firm and undaunted, ever we’ll be.
    Here’s to the school we love,
    Here’s a toast to thee.

  3. Sam Houston Chant

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