In Texas, tailgating is a huge part of the gameday experience, and it’s no different at Sam Houston State. Bearkats fans arrive at Bowers Stadium bright and early to get the tailgate started as the lots surrounding the stadium open six hours before kickoff for tailgating. Everywhere you look, you’ll see fans in orange, white, and blue tailgating with friends and family.

The festive atmosphere is an excellent way to pump up the fans before the game. Although, nothing will do a better job of getting you ready to cheer on the Bearkats than the pregame pep rally. The pep rally is a must-see part of any Bearkats game, so don’t miss it during your trip.

While tailgating, you’ll be surrounded by plenty of friendly Bearkats fans who cook some incredible barbecue. Bring something to share, and you’ll make friends quickly giving you the opportunity to enjoy some of the best barbecue you’ve ever had.

Tailgating is a big part of the game day culture at Sam Houston State, so arrive early and take part in the fun tailgating atmosphere outside Bowers Stadium.


Pregame Pep Rally

Make sure to see the pregame pep rally outside Bowers Stadium before the game. The pep rally is the perfect way to get into the Bearkats spirit and a must-see part of any Sam Houston State tailgate.

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Where to tailgate

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