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Samford is a beautiful place to watch a football game in the fall as the gorgeous campus and surrounding natural beauty provide a picturesque setting. The beautiful setting makes a trip to Samford a treat, so if you want to watch a football game on a gorgeous fall day, then you can’t beat Seibert Stadium.

In addition to the natural beauty surrounding you, you’ll also enjoy the pageantry on display at a Bulldogs game. The Samford Marching Band provides incredible in-game entertainment and will keep spirits high with their in-game music. The school’s two mascots are also a fun part of the action, and the cheer team is superb as well.

Finally, Samford is home to a fantastic fan base. The fans here love their team, and they fill the stands on Saturdays throughout the fall creating a fun in-game atmosphere.

Samford offers just about everything you could want in a college football experience, so head on down to Homewood, Alabama for a fun day of football action.

Things to check out

Samford Marching Band

The Samford Marching Band is a big part of the pageantry at a Bulldogs game, so enjoy their performances throughout the game. The band’s pregame and halftime shows are must-see events, and they also do a superb job pumping up the crowd with their in-game tunes.

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Don’t miss catching a glimpse of Samford’s live mascot Rex at the game. Rex is a fun part of any Samford football game, so keep an eye out for the loveable bulldog during the game.


If you like costumed mascots, then you’ll love Spike. Spike gets into all kind of antics during the game making him a fun part of any Bulldogs football game.

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Samford Cheer

Join the cheerleaders to give the Bulldogs as much of a home field advantage as possible. The cheer team does a fantastic job supporting the team making them a great part of any Bulldogs football game.

Fight Songs

  1. Samford Fight Song

    Fight, Fight, Fight,
    For Samford Bulldogs,
    Go onward to victory.
    Oh, we’ll wear the red and blue,
    Samford, we’re all for you . . .

    And we love you, too!
    Fight, Fight, Fight,
    For Samford Bulldogs,
    Go onward to victory.
    Oh, we’ll give a cheer or two,
    Samford, we’re all for you . . .
    Fight! Fight! Fight!

  2. Samford Alma Mater

    Oh, Samford Alma Mater true
    Her halls shall ever ring,
    With sounding glories of the past
    With plans and future dreams.
    On knowledge that we seek, O Lord,
    We pray thy blessings true.
    With pride we pledge our hearts and minds,
    To the Samford Red and Blue.

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