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San Antonians love their Spurs, which should come as little surprise when you consider the team’s run of success and the fact they’re the only game in town. That said the fans here come out in strong numbers to support their team. You’ll almost always encounter a sold out crowd at the AT&T Center giving each and every game a special feeling.

The AT&T Center’s decor and layout also help provide an incredible in-game atmosphere. In the concourses, you’ll find a southwestern motif featuring pastel green, blue, orange, and pink. There are also several tributes to great Spurs of the past with the best being the Spurs Championship Trophy display near the main entrance. You also won’t find a bad seat in the house inside AT&T Center as every seat offers excellent sight lines.

In addition to a great in-game atmosphere, you’ll also find some of the best concession options in the league in San Antonio. The AT&T Center has many of different food options and is particularly strong when it comes to local culinary favorites like BBQ and Tex-Mex.

After the game, make sure stop by the Bud Light Courtyard and end your night with the Spurs OVERTIME Concert Series. The series features local, regional, and national artists and is the perfect way to cap off your visit to the AT&T Center.

The Spurs are one of the best teams in the NBA and their quality on the court is equally matched by the quality game day experience they provide.

Things to check out

Spurs Championships Display

The Spurs championships display in the AT&T Center’s main lobby is a must see for Spurs fans. The display contains many relics from the Spurs championships of the past including championship trophies, retired numbers, and even newspaper clips. Take a minute to take it in and remember all of the great Spurs players and teams of the past.

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Bud Light Courtyard

The Bud Light Courtyard is a great place to gather before or after the game. After the game, the Bud Light Courtyard is home the OVERTIME Concert Series so stop by and see some incredible local artists perform.

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HEB Fan Zone

Located between sections 215 and 217, the HEB Fan Zone is the perfect place for family fun. The Fan Zone features numerous activities for kids and adults, so make sure to stop by before the game.

Spurs Fan Shop

If you want to pick up some souvenirs then hit up the Fan Shop located on the Plaza level. You’ll find all kinds of Spurs gear at the Fan Shop ranging from jerseys to office supplies, so check it out.

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Silver Dancers

The Silver Dancers will get everyone up and cheering with their fun and entertaining dance routines. You won’t want to miss these ladies perform, so don’t leave your seat when you see the Silver Dancers take the court.

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Mariachi Mujer Internacional De Los Spurs

The Spurs feature the only mariachi band in the NBA, so don’t miss them during your trip to San Antonio. The group gives the Spurs a uniquely Latin flavor and are a must see.

Rim Shots

The Rim Shots are a talented group of percussionists who get everyone involved in the game. You can’t help but rise to your feet when encountering the bombastic rhythm of the Rim Shots.

Spurs Special Forces

These talented acrobats will perform a variety of jaw-dropping stunts and get everyone on their feet. Stay glued to your seat when the Special Forces perform as you wouldn’t want to miss them.

Team Energy

Team Energy pumps up the AT&T Center crowd with a variety of promotions and giveaways. Get loud when you see Team Energy for your chance to win some Spurs swag.

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The Spurs mascot Coyote always keeps things entertaining with his shenanigans. He leads the t-shirt toss and performs a lot of other cool activities, so keep your eyes peeled for him during the game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Go Spurs Go Chant

    Go Spurs Go!

    Go Spurs Go!

    Go Spurs Go!

  2. Spurs!

    by Spuran Spuran

  3. Go Spurs Go

    Go spurs go go (3x) get up stand up and defend the Alamo. Go spurs go go (3x) we’re gonna win it all for San Antonio

    No showtime leaps, they’re silent but deep but they can score at will and then give you the creep, cause they’re so good but not so emotional and they’re the masters of basketball fundamental

    They can slash and they can penetrate and then you’ll find out that it’s just a bait cause the moment your guys will clog up the lane they’re gonna pass for a three that will cause you pain
    Nothing flashy and nothing fancy but you can never question their efficiency, cause they’ve got no drama, no prima donna but they can pile up the points and then bury ya
    so what happens now when this team on a roll?
    every opponent in front will be steamrolled cause they will step up when they are called and even under pressure they never fold
    Go spurs go go (3x) get up stand up and defend the Alamo. Go spurs go go (3x) we’re gonna win it all for San Antonio

    They can be cool and they can also be nasty it all depends on what the need will be. Cause we’re talking about success, not failure, not bust because we believe “in pop we trust”

    So lemme tell you now what will be your situation? it’s the kind that will let you pick your poison. cause you’ll never know what hit ya from the front and back you’ll never know how they will attack.

    So many weapons so balanced and so complete it will be an honor just to be able to compete. as they can crush your team with their systematic offense and they can choke you down there with their tight defense.
    And they make no promises and no guarantees but with what i’m seeing now i’m gonna say this at least. That i may not be in texas to watch the games live but i know this year they will get five
    Go spurs go go (3x) get up stand up and defend the Alamo. Go spurs go go (3x) we’re gonna win it all for San Antonio
    We Drive, We Drive, We drive, We drive for five! We Drive, We Drive, We drive, We drive for five! (everybody) We Drive, We Drive, We drive, We drive for five! We Drive, We Drive, We drive, We drive for five! (Yeah!)
    Go spurs go go (3x) get up stand up and defend the Alamo. Go spurs go go (3x) we’re gonna win it all for San Antonio. (Repeat)

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