1. Park at the Park

Located behind center field, the Park at the Park presents an excellent place to hang out and work on your tan at the game. Here you’ll find lots of space to relax as well as tons of monitors showing all the action on the field meaning you won’t miss a thing.

2. The Western Metal Supply Co. Building

The Western Metal Supply Building in left field is Petco Park’s signature feature. The historic building is a must-see for anyone attending a Padres game and is home to The Rail seating area.

3. Tony Gwynn Memorial Statue

Stop by the Tony Gwynn Plaza and pay tribute to the greatest player in Padres history. Gwynn was one of the best hitters in the history of baseball and a San Diego sports legend, so stop by Tony Gwynn Plaza before the game.

4. Padres Hall of Fame

Take some time to visit the Padres Hall of Fame during your visit to Petco Park. The museum celebrates all of the best players and moments in Padres history and is a must-see for any baseball fan.

5. Player Murals

Before the game, take a trip around the concourse and check out the murals of all of your favorite Padres players from the past. The Murals honor legends such as Dave Winfield and Randy Jones.

6. Beach

If you can’t decide between attending a baseball game or spending a day at the beach, then why not do both. At Petco, you can feel the sand between your toes and take in a ball game in this one of a kind seating area.

7. The Gaslamp Quarter

Petco Field is located in the Gaslamp Quarter, which is home to plenty of great places to grab a drink or something to eat. Here you’ll find a variety of bars and restaurants including Bub’s at the Ballpark, Mission Brewery, and much more. If you’re looking to hang out with fellow Padres fans, then there is no better place to do so than in the Gaslamp.

8. Retired Numbers Plaza

The retired numbers plaza inside Petco Park showcases the numbers of the greatest players in Padres history including Tony Gwynn and Trevor Hoffman.

9. Jerry Coleman Statue

Stop by the Jerry Coleman statue and remember the voice of the Padres. Coleman served as the Padres radio announcer for over 30 years making him a fan favorite among longtime Padres fans.

10. Whiffle Ball Field

Located in the Park at the Park, the whiffle ball field allows kids to emulate their heroes at their team’s favorite ballpark. Stop by the whiffle ball park for a few at bats if you get a bit restless while viewing a Padres game.

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