1. The Show

The show is the name of the San Diego State student section and is one of the best student sections in the country. The students here dress up in all kinds of crazy costumes and have a variety of chants, so enjoy The Show when attending an Aztecs basketball game.

2. Big Heads

All around the country you’ll see student sections distracting fans with big head cardboard cutouts. The tradition began at San Diego State and is a big part of any Aztecs game, so keep an eye out for the big heads when attending a game.

3. Outdoor Concourse

One of the unique aspects of attending a San Diego State basketball game is the fact the concourses are located outside the arena. The open air concourse allows fans to enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather and are a feature you’ll only find at one or two other arenas.

4. San Diego State-UNLV Rivalry

The UNLV Rebels are the Aztecs biggest rivals, and the two teams have been battling for conference championships for years. The rivalry has produced many memorable contests over the years and is a must-see matchup anytime the two Mountain West rivals meet.

5. Montezuma

The Aztec Warrior mascot has been making appearances at San Diego State sporting events since 1941. Montezuma exudes enthusiasm and school spirit as he riles up the crowd to give the Aztecs as much of an advantage as possible.

6. Pep Band and Spirit Squad

The Show isn’t the only ones putting on a show at Aztecs games. The pep band and spirit squad do an excellent job of creating a fun and lively in-game atmosphere, so enjoy their performances when attending a San Diego State basketball game.

7. City Championship: San Diego State-San Diego

The Aztecs play crosstown rivals San Diego every year for the City Championship. The winner of the matchup walks away with bragging rights over the entire city of San Diego, so you better believe this is a big matchup. The Aztecs lead the all-time series 30-18, and you won’t want to miss it when these two clash.

8. Aztecs Bombaye

This chant performed by The Show dates back to the 1974 Rumble In the Jungle boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. Ali was greeted with chants of “Ali bombaye! Ali bombaye!” The chant translates to “Ali defeat him!” and the Aztecs have adapted their own version, which goes “Aztecs bombaye! Aztecs bombaye!” The chant dates back to a 2005 football game but quickly became a staple at basketball games as well. The cheer can be heard when the Aztecs need a stop badly, so join in the chant when it’s performed.

9. Banners

Hanging above the court are banners celebrating the Aztecs basketball program’s accomplishments from over the years. The banners show off the school’s conference championships and NCAA Tournament appearances, so make sure to check them out.

10. San Diego State-New Mexico Rivalry

San Diego State and New Mexico are two of the top teams in the Mountain West, so you better believe you’ll be in for quite the show when these two meet. Not only are bragging rights on the line when the Aztecs and Lobos square off, but conference supremacy is also on the line as well. If you want to attend one of the biggest Mountain West Conference matchups of the year, don’t miss San Diego State-New Mexico.

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