Tailgating at San Diego State is a great way to bring back alumni, as fans from far and wide come to SDCCU Stadium to cheer on their Aztecs. You’ll have a great time reconnecting with old friends who you haven’t seen in awhile at an Aztecs football game.

San Diego State traditionally plays games at night, which means there is plenty of time to tailgate beforehand all through the day. The fans usually get here bright and early to make a day out of it, so set out early if you want to get the most out of your visit to San Diego.

San Diego State provides a great tailgate destination for visiting fans as well. Aztec fans like most San Diegans are laid back and very friendly meaning that you’ll have no problem getting along with Aztec fans and may even make a few friends. Also, San Diego’s excellent weather means fans from all over like to come to San Diego during the latter part of the season.

The great fans and great weather make tailgating at San Diego State an excellent experience, regardless of what team you support.


Aztec Village

Located in Lot F-1, Aztec Village offers a variety of pregame activities to partake in. At Aztec Village, you’ll find food, drinks, live music, children’s activities, and you’ll even get the chance to meet SDSU athletes, band members, and cheer team members.

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Warrior Walk

One way to get into the San Diego State gameday spirit is to take in the Warrior Walk. During the Warrior Walk, you’ll have the chance to come face to face with Aztec players and coaches as they are lead into the stadium by the band and cheer teams.

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Where to tailgate

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