If you take tailgating seriously, the scene outside of Levi’s Stadium will not disappoint. Here you’ll find a fun and competitive atmosphere as judges roam the parking lots before each game in search of the best tailgaters. Upon judgment, the best tailgaters receive the title of Safeway’s Tailgater of the Game and are awarded a $50 gift card and tailgating blanket courtesy of Safeway, a $50 gift card from Levi’s®, 49ers merchandise, and are featured on the scoreboard during the game.  


With the 49ers recent move to Levi’s Stadium, the tailgate crowd has become more relaxed and subdued. The tailgates may be a little higher-class and quieter than they were at Candlestick, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still find the same passion for the 49ers you would find outside the old stadium, you just have to a look a bit harder to find it.


One of the things everyone should try when attending a 49ers game is the 49ers Drinking Game. For every run up the middle, take a drink, for every pass completed, take a drink, for every RedZone touchdown, take 2 drinks, and the list just keeps going. No matter what happens in the game, you’ll have a great time watching the Niners if you’re partaking in the 49ers Drinking Game.


Red Zone Rally

The Red Zone Rally is held three hours before kickoff at the Pavilion at Great America right next door to Levi’s Stadium. At Red Zone Rally you’ll be able to enjoy all you can eat food, drinks, live entertainment, appearances by former 49ers cheerleaders, and even ride the Flight Deck Roller Coaster.

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Stadium Tours

Levi’s Stadium offers a variety of different tours that give you an inside look into what takes place behind the scenes. The tours are a great way for diehard Niners fans to spend a few hours, so check one of them out during your visit to Santa Clara.

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Where to tailgate

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