Oracle Park hosts a decent tailgating culture, mostly for weekend night games. Make sure you bust out your orange and black to fit in with the loyal San Francisco Giants fans that surround the park, inside and out. While it helps that the Giants have three recent World Series rings, fantastic baseball is not the only reason fans come to Oracle Park. Fans come out in droves to celebrate game day, and the air is filled with excitement long before the park is open.

The streets surrounding the home plate entrance to the stadium bring the best bar and restaurant scene for you to take in some of the earlier MLB action while waiting for the park to open. This area is where you’ll find the most fans, and is located next to Pier 48 if you’re looking for a family friendly tailgate area.

Whether you head to Pier 48 or hit the bars near Oracle Park, you’ll have an excellent time tailgating before a Giants game.



Make sure to check out the five statues outside of the stadium, four of which are dedicated to Giant greats. The four statues celebrate Giants legends Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal, and Orlando Cepeda. The fifth statue, behind center field, features a seal bobbing a baseball on its nose, dedicated to the San Francisco Seals minor league team.

Ballpark Tours

There are multiple tours of the stadium available to Giants fans. The Giants offer a standard ballpark tour, as well as a tour of San Francisco Bay and other private tours. They also have a live video conference tour of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and the Louisville Slugger Museum available as well..

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Pete's Tavern

Across the street from the stadium is Pete’s Tavern, a local sports bar that serves alcohol out of mason jars. With twelve TVs, as well as a direct view of the field, you won't miss any game day action at Pete’s.

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Public House

As one of the restaurants/bars located inside the stadium that is accessible to non-ticket holders, Public House is a fan favorite to pregame for a San Francisco Giants game. Radio and TV pre-game shows are broadcasted from the outdoor tables, making this one of the best spots to tailgate in/at Oracle Park.

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Where to tailgate

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