Avaya Stadium offers plenty of space for fans to tailgate as you can set up shop in just about any lot around the stadium. On game days you’ll find a sea of black and blue filling the parking lots outside Avaya Stadium. Everyone congregates together before the game grilling and throwing back a few beers before heading in to cheer on the Quakes to victory.

Tailgating at Avaya Stadium starts bright and early with some groups setting up five hours before kick off. Arrive early and take in all of the sights and sounds of an Earthquakes tailgate to get the most out of your match day experience.


Casbah Tailgate

For $15 a person you can join in on the Casbah tailgate. These fans love the Quakes and love to tailgate. If you’re looking to tailgate with some die hard fans, then a Casbah tailgate is a perfect place to do so, so join in the fun.

San Jose Ultras Tailgate

Become a member of the 1906 Ultras and join them for their rip-roaring tailgates. The Ultras begin tailgating five hours before the match giving you plenty of time to party, so join the Ultras and the tailgate.

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