1. Sharks Intro

The Sharks enter the game by skating through a giant sharks mouth. The intro is one of the most unique in the NHL and brings all the fans to their feet, so get loud when the Sharks take the ice.

2. Chomp

Cheer on the Sharks power play by performing a chomping motion with your arms. Sharks fans encourage their team on every power play by makes a chomping motion with their arms, so join in on the fun.

3. Jaws Theme

Before every Sharks power play the Jaws theme is played in anticipation for the Sharks scoring. The Sharks can smell blood in the water when they go on the power play, so it’s only fitting that the Jaws theme precedes it.

4. Division and Conference Championship Banners

The Sharks have several banners hanging from the rafters honoring their eight division winning teams and their one conference championship. Check these out to remember all of your favorite Sharks moments and to look forward to them finally winning the big one.

5. Mikey Day

The Sharks organist Mikey Day knows how to play to the crowd and does an excellent job of hyping up the crowd during big moments. Enjoy the musical stylings of Day during your visit to the SAP Center.

6. S.J. Sharkie

S.J. Sharkie is the official mascot of the Sharks and can be seen entertaining the crowd throughout the game. You can even have him celebrate a special occasion with you when attending a Sharks game, so don’t miss him during your visit to the SAP Center.

7. Sharks Store

If you want to pick up a souvenir from your trip to San Jose then there is no better place to do so then the Sharks Store. At the Sharks Store you’ll find a wide variety of Sharks gear, so stop by during your trip to San Jose.

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