1. Procession of the Spartans

All you need to do is form a circle with your pointer finger and thumb while extending your other three fingers and everyone will know you’re a Spartan. This popular hand gesture is a great way for Spartans fans to show off their school pride to fellow fans and pumps up the crowd at games.

2. Sammy Spartan

Sammy Spartan pumps up the San Jose State crowd like no one else as this mascot provides lots of in-game entertainment with his smooth dance moves and outrageous antics. Look for Sammy to energize the crowd particularly at big moments in the game.

3. San Jose State-Fresno State Rivalry

Regardless of the sport San Jose State and Fresno State do not get along. The two schools have a long-standing rivalry on the gridiron, and there are plenty of bragging rights on the line when the two meet on the hardwood as well. Make sure to be in attendance when the Bulldogs come to town as you wouldn’t want to miss this matchup.

4. Spartan Pep Band

The Spartan Pep Band put on a great show and do an excellent job of pumping up the crowd throughout the game. The band provides a lot of the atmosphere found inside Event Center at SJSU, so enjoy their performance throughout the game.

5. Court Design

The Event Center is home to a beautiful court that depicts Spartan warriors going into battle. The unique court design is quite fun and does an excellent job of making the Event Center feel like the home court of the Spartans.

6. Banners

Above the court are several banners celebrating the Spartans accomplishments from over the years. The banners show off the Spartans three NCAA Tournament appearances and add a nice touch to the arena.

7. San Jose State-Santa Clara Rivalry

There are lots of local bragging rights on the line when San Jose State faces off with Santa Clara. The winner of the series between these two schools has bragging rights over the Bay Area, so you better believe that games between the Spartans and Broncos can get quite intense.

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