If you’re looking to have a nice relaxing day in the California sun, then there is no better way to do so than by tailgating at San Jose State. One thing you won’t have to worry about when tailgating at San Jose State is running into bad weather. No matter whether it’s early or late in the season you’ll be greeted with absolutely gorgeous temperatures and beautiful blue skies as you pregame before a Spartans game.

A lot of San Jose State fans particularly the students like to go hard at the tailgate. You’ll find a lot of drinking games and even may see some keg stands when in San Jose, so come prepared to party hard and let loose before going into Spartan Stadium to cheer on the Spartans.

It’s not all hardcore drinking at San Jose State as you’ll find there is also a lot of school spirit on display as well. Make sure to check out the band’s pregame performance at the tailgate to get in the gameday mood and to get a full feel for the San Jose State pride found at every game.


Fan Fiesta

The Fan Fiesta is the primary tailgate hub at San Jose State. At the Fiesta you’ll be able to set up your tailgate as well as take part in all the tailgating festivities San Jose State has to offer. The Fan Fiesta gives you the opportunity to partake in fun activities for the whole family and is also where you can find a variety of food and beverages if you don’t feel like bringing your own.

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San Pedro Square Market

Located only eight minutes away from Spartan Stadium via car, San Pedro Square Market offers you a tailgate away from the tailgate. At San Pedro Square Market you’ll find the complete tailgate atmosphere including an 18,000 square foot plaza featuring all sorts of tailgating activities such as ladder ball, cornhole, and much more. You can also watch the game here as there is a 12-foot projector that is perfect for taking in night games.

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Fire on the Fountain

The homecoming show is an excellent time for all involved and is a must if you’re visiting San Jose State for the homecoming game. The fire show and pep rally are outstanding and show off what being a Spartan is all about.

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Pregame Pep Rally

The pregame pep rally at San Jose State is an excellent way to get into the Spartans spirit before the game.

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Where to tailgate

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