Rider Nation is famous for being the liveliest and rowdiest fan base in the CFL, so you better believe that you’ll have a good time tailgating before a Roughriders games. Riders fans come from all over Saskatchewan to cheer on the Roughriders, and it shows as the place is packed before the game as everyone goes all out to tailgate and celebrate Riders game days.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see Riders fans having a good time. One of the unique things about attending a Riders game is that a large number of people here come out not only dressed in green but are wearing elaborate costumes making Riders games incredibly festive.

If you’re looking to party before the game, then make sure to stop by the Party in the Park. The Party in the Park is where you’ll find Riders fans tailgating and throwing back a few drinks as they listen to live music.

Riders fans know how to party and get rowdy, so come prepared to let loose when attending a Roughriders tailgate.


New Stadium Exterior

Take a picture with the new stadium before the game to commemorate your first visit. The brand new stadium is exciting for Riders fans and what better way to remember your first time here than by taking a picture with the stadium.

Rider Drumline

Enjoy the performance of the Rider Drumline before the game. The drumline consists of 20 of the best percussionists in Riderville and performs around the stadium before the game making them a must-see part of any Riders tailgate.

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The 620 CKRM Pep Band

The 620 CKRM Pep Band can be heard performing in front of the stadium before the game as well as in the stands throughout the game. The band has been a major part of Roughriders games since 1993, so enjoy their performances during your trip to Mosaic Stadium.

Where to tailgate

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