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Located at the base of Montage Mountain, PNC Field offers a unique woodsy feel that you won’t find at any other park in the International League. The ballpark does an excellent job of using its surrounding to create a distinctive feel that is especially present in the outfield where you’ll find a walkway through the surrounding trees and hills.

The unique atmosphere found at PNC Field isn’t the only thing that makes attending a RailRiders game a fun experience. The RailRiders also go all out to provide an experience that is fun for the whole family. The Family Fun Zone features all kinds of activities for kids and kids will also love the RailRiders mascots who can be seen throughout the game.

If you’re looking for a more serious baseball experience, then the RailRiders have you covered as well. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to catch pitchers warm up from the left field concourse, and the RailHouse seating in right ensures you won’t miss a pitch while throwing down a few beers during the game.

PNC Field provides a unique woodsy environment to take in a ballgame in and is home to a fun experience no matter what your age or how big of a baseball fan you are, so get your tickets to a RailRiders game today.

Things to check out

RailHouse Seating

If you want to have a beer or bite to eat while watching the game but don’t want to miss any of the action, then the RailHouse is the place for you. The RailHouse in right field features bar style seating that faces the field meaning you won’t miss a pitch.

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Homer Zone

The Homer Zone behind center field gives you the opportunity to walk through a wooded area at the park and is an experience you won’t find at too many if any other ballparks. Take some time before or during the game to explore the outfield concourse and all it has to offer.

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Bullpen View

PNC Field provides fans with the ability to watch pitchers warm up in the bullpen from the concourse, so if you like watching pitchers get ready, then you’ll enjoy taking in a game at PNC Field.

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SWB Station

Pick up a souvenir to commemorate your trip to a RailRiders game at SWB Station. The team store is home to all kinds of RailRiders merchandise, so stop by to buy a t-shirt, jersey, cap, or foam finger.

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Family Fun Zone

Those of you taking your kids to a RailRiders game will want to take them to the Family Fun Zone in center field. Kids will love the Family Fun Zone, which features inflatables and other activities.

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Legends Race

Make sure to stay in your seat between innings as you wouldn’t want to miss the Legends Race. The Legends Race pits Yankees greats such as Joe Dimaggio, Billy Martin, and Mickey Mantle against each other, so don’t miss it during your visit to PNC Field.

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CHAMP and Quills

Keep an eye out for CHAMP and Quills when taking in a RailRiders game. These two beloved mascots get into all kinds of shenanigans throughout the game making them a must-see part of any RailRiders game.

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