PNC Field is located at the base of Montage Mountain, and as a result, you’ll find a unique experience when tailgating here before the game. You won’t find the same urban or suburban setting as at most parks giving the tailgating areas around PNC Field a unique woodsy feel.

If you’re looking to tailgate in the parking lots though, you’ll want to arrive as space is a bit limited. Tailgating at PNC Field is only permitted in a few designated areas meaning if you want to secure a spot you’ll need to get to the park early.

Once situated though you’ll have an excellent time tailgating as you’ll make friends quickly with fellow tailgaters who are among the most friendly around and love to talk about their team and tailgate. Fire up the grills and bring some drinks to share and you’ll have a fantastic time tailgating with RailRiders fans before the game.


Entry Plaza

Enjoy the entry plaza when entering PNC Field. The entry plaza is an excellent place to catch pre-game entertainment on occasion and features a large RailRiders sign that can only be seen at night.

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Where to tailgate

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