1. Baseball Museum of the Pacific Northwest and Mariners Hall of Fame

It’s not just Mariners history that is on display at T-Mobile Park, across from sections 135 to 141 you’ll find a museum dedicated to baseball throughout the Pacific Northwest. The museum is home to a variety of memorabilia that dates back to 1877, so make sure to check it out during when attending a Mariners game.

2. Dave Niehaus Statue

Stop by and snap a picture with the Dave Niehaus statue located behind section 105. The statue honors the legendary Mariners broadcaster and is a must-see for any M’s fan or baseball fan.

3. Rally Fries

At each Mariners home game, Mariners broadcaster Mike Blowers gives away fries to one group of fans. The tradition dates back to 2007 when Blowers and Dave Sims decided to send fries to a fan who dropped his trying to catch a foul ball. If you want to get noticed and win some fries, come with a funny sign or wear a goofy costume to catch Blowers attention.

4. The 'Pen

The ‘Pen sports bar and grill is located in the outfield area of the park and is the tailgating and pregame spot for Seattle fans. The venue is even used for events at CenturyLink Field. The ‘Pen features domestic and craft beer as well as an array of food options and wall to wall TV’s to catch up on all the day’s action across the MLB.

5. “Moose Den”

If you’re bringing the kids to the game and want a little something extra to do outside of watching the game, then the Moose Den and play area are right up your alley.  The Moose Den and play area located in center field, and offers a play area as well as the opportunity for kids to get their pictures taken with Mariner Moose.

6. Stadium Art

Take some time before the game and stroll the concourse to see all of the Mariners and baseball-related art hanging up around the ballpark. T-Mobile Park is home to murals and all kinds of other art dedicated to the game of baseball, so check it all out.

7. Mariners Moose

You can see the Mariners mascot Mariner Moose entertaining the crowd throughout the game. Even when the M’s are down Mariner Moose’s enthusiasm won’t be stopped so keep an eye out for him during the game.

8. King's Court

If you’re a big Mariners fan or Felix Hernandez fan make sure to get tickets in the King’s Court. The King’s Court is a special cheering section that can be found at every game started by Hernandez and has quickly become a fan favorite among Mariners fans.

9. Banners and Retired Numbers

During your trip to T-Mobile Park take some time to view the Mariners division championship banners and retired numbers. The banners honor some of the greatest players and teams in M’s history including Ken Griffey Jr. and Edgar Martinez.

10. T-Mobile Park Tour

Diehard baseball fans will want to take a tour of T-Mobile Park before the game. The tours take place at 10:30 am and 12:30 pm on game days and present an excellent opportunity for fans to see the dugout, press box, and much more.

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