1. 12s

Seahawks fans are nicknamed The 12s, which is a name they live up to as their loudness plays a major role in propelling the Seahawks to victory. The 12s gets things started each game with the raising of The 12s Flag, which is usually done by a Seattle sports icon. This tradition sets the tone and gets everyone up and cheering before the game even starts. Being part of The 12s is something special that is worth the price of admission all on its own.

2. Taima, the Hawk

Taima, is the Seahawks live hawk mascot, who before every game takes flight and leads the Seahawks onto the field. Get to your seat early, so that you don’t miss this excellent tradition.

3. Hawk Alley

If you’re looking for a great place to tailgate before the game then look no further than Hawk Alley. At Hawk Alley, you’ll find a great pre-game experience equipped with tailgate activities and extravagant tailgate vehicles. One of these awesome tailgate vehicles is Hawk One, a converted RV that has been made into a moveable Seahawks shrine. Another great spot to check out is the Bussell Wilson, which is a 1996 short bus converted to a mobile tailgate extravaganza, which features different themed foods every week.

4. Blue Thunder Drumline

Blue Thunder perform before, during, and after Seahawks games. The drumline incorporates a unique blend of rhythm and visuals to create a one of a kind musical experience that every fan should check out.

5. Stadium Design

The stadium has a fairly unique layout due to the fact it is located on the smallest build site in the entire NFL. As a result of the small space, the upper deck is cantilevered meaning the seats are both closer to the field and at a steeper angle than any other stadium. Another uncommon aspect of the stadium is the fact the stadium’s roof covers most of the seats. However, it does not cover the field. The closeness of the fans to the field and the roof make CenturyLink one of the loudest and best venues in the NFL.

6. Touchdown City

If you’re looking to experience something a bit different from your typical tailgate party then Touchdown City has you covered. Here inside the CenturyLink Field Event Center, you’ll find a variety of games and activities including the 710 KIRO pre-game broadcast and Sea Gals meet and greets. If you want to take a break from tailgating and are looking for something to do make sure to stop by Touchdown City.

7. CenturyLink Field Tour

If you get into town early and are looking for something to do before game day then be sure to check out the CenturyLink Field Tour. This tour is perfect for any die-hard Seahawks fan as it gives you a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes at CenturyLink Field and even allows you to step on the actual field.

8. Sea Gals

The Sea Gals put on a great show throughout the game as they perform a variety of dance routines. Make sure to look for the Sea Gals as they try to get The 12s going.

9. CenturyLink Field Art Work

CenturyLink Field has a wide variety of artwork all around the facility including pieces by Bob Haozous, Cheryl dos Remédios, James Lavadour, Juan Alonso, and Peter Shelton. Perhaps the most well-known piece of artwork at CenturyLink Field is Bob Haozous’s piece on the North Tower, which features four colorful discs. Make sure to check out all the fine artwork CenturyLink Field has to offer when attending your next Seahawks game.

10. Blitz and Boom

Blitz and Boom are the official mascots of the Seattle Seahawks. Blitz has served as the Seahawks mascot since 1998 although he has undergone some changes over the years. Boom, however, is a brand new mascot that debuted in 2014, so look for both him and Blitz to amp up the crowd when necessary.

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