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The Sounders have lead Major League Soccer in attendance since entering the league in 2009, and you can see why when attending a match. The Sounders and their fans pull out all the stops to put on an incredible match day experience making a trip to Seattle a must for any MLS fan.

Before entering the stadium, you’ll be greeted with a lively atmosphere filled with tons of entertainment options and pregame festivities. However, things are kicked up a notch once you enter the stadium as you’ll witness several impressive displays that you won’t find anywhere in Major League Soccer before the ball is even kicked. The Golden Scarf Ceremony honors someone involved in the Seattle soccer community and is an excellent way to celebrate the game throughout the city, but things don’t really get exciting until the pregame introductions. During the introductions, everyone chants the players’ names as they are introduced and best of all following the intros you’ll get to take part in Seattle’s famous “Boom, Boom, Clap.”

Once the match starts, you’ll be serenaded by the chants of the supporters groups located in the north end as well as the musical stylings of Sound Wave. The supporters and band create an incredible atmosphere that has helped the Sounders achieve one of the best home records in the league over the years, so sit back and enjoy a Sounders match.

Things to check out

CenturyLink Field Artwork

CenturyLink Field has a wide variety of artwork all around the facility including pieces by Bob Haozous, Cheryl dos Remédios, James Lavadour, Juan Alonso, and Peter Shelton. Perhaps the most well-known piece of artwork at CenturyLink Field is Bob Haozous’s piece on the North Tower, which features four colorful discs. Make sure to check out all the fine artwork CenturyLink Field has to offer when attending your next Sounders game.

Sounders Team Shop

Stop by the Sounders team shop and pick up a souvenir from your trip. The team shop is home to an incredible selection of merchandise including an entire wall of scarves.

Golden Scarf Ceremony

At every match, the Sounders honor someone with a golden scarf. The scarf is presented to the individual, and he or she lifts the scarf above his or her head in celebration. Don’t miss the golden scarf ceremony as it’s a special part of attending any Sounders match.

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Supporter Groups

The Sounders have several supporter groups including the Emerald City Supporters, Gorilla FC, the North End Faithful, and the Eastside Supporters among others. At Sounders matches, these diehard fans create a great deal of the noise, so join one of the supporter groups if you want to be a part of the most raucous and dedicated section of fans.

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Sound Wave

Sound Wave is the official band of the Seattle Sounders and does an incredible job of providing in-game and pre-game entertainment. Sound Wave plays a variety of pop, rock, funk, Latin, and more so listen for them when attending a Sounders game.

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Boom, Boom, Clap

One of the most famous traditions that takes place at a Sounders match is the “Boom, Boom, Clap” before kickoff. During the “Boom, Boom, Clap” everyone in attendance raises their arms and claps in unison following two bangs of the drum. Join in the tradition to get the full Sounders match day experience.

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