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Seton Hall is on the upswing making it the perfect time to attend a Pirates game. After years of struggling, fans are starting to show up in strong numbers to support the Pirates now that they’re back on track. Seton Hall made it back to the NCAA Tournament in 2016 for the first time since 2006, so now is the time to come out and show your support for Seton Hall basketball.

Along with the Pirates recent improvements on the court, the atmosphere at the Prudential Center has improved greatly as well. Students and alumni alike are coming out to support the Pirates in much higher numbers than the past few years, and it shows in the fun in-game atmosphere. You’ll hear lots of cheers and taunts when attending a Pirates game, which goes a long way in helping make the Prudential Center feel like the Pirates home.

In addition to getting to see a resurgent Pirates team and experiencing an improved in-game atmosphere, the Prudential Center is a beautiful place to take in a game. There are excellent sight lines all around the arena, and there are many extras around the venue to check out as well, including high school hockey jerseys and retired numbers of both Seton Hall and Devils players.

Newark isn’t known for being a great city to visit, but there are a few restaurants nearby for anyone looking to grab a bite to eat before or after the game.

You’ll have a fun time attending a Seton Hall basketball game where fans are abuzz with excitement over their team’s recent uptick in fortunes.

Things to check out

Retired Numbers and NCAA Finals Banners

The Prudential Center is home to banners honoring the Pirates greatest players including Frank Saul, Richie Regan, and Terry Dehere, as well as the school’s 1989 NCAA Finals appearance. Check these out to remember all of the best moments in Pirates history.

Championship Plaza

Championship Plaza opened to celebrate the Devils 30th anniversary and is an excellent place to gather before the game. The plaza features a 22 ft tall hockey player statue, so make sure to check it out during your visit to the Prudential Center.

High School Hockey Display

The high school hockey display in the Prudential Center’s lobby does an excellent job of showing off New Jersey’s high school hockey pedigree. You can see jerseys of schools from all around the state, so take a minute to take them all in.

Goal Bar

The Goal Bar, on Suite Level One, is a great place to grab a drink and enjoy the game. Unlike a lot of on-campus arenas, you can get beer and other alcoholic beverages at The Rock, so take full advantage of this.

Student Section

With the Pirates recent uptick in fortunes, the student section at Seton Hall games is becoming lively again. Seton Hall students come out in large numbers to support their team, and you’ll see plenty of passion, as well as body painting, on display at a Pirates basketball game.

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The Pirate

The Pirate is a favorite among fans of all ages and is known for his wild antics. You never know what kind of shenanigans The Pirate will get into next, so keep your eyes peeled for him at the game.

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Cheer Team

The Seton Hall cheer team pumps up the crowd with their routines and is a big part of the Pirates game day experience. The cheerleaders provide a lot of pageantry at Seton Hall games, so don’t miss their routines during your trip.

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Fight Songs

  1. “Onward Setonia”

    Onward Setonia,
    We are bound for victory.
    Hazard Zet Forward,
    We will honor that decree.
    Onward Setonia,
    Stand up proud and stand up tall.
    For the blue and white,
    And the glory of Seton Hall!

    S …. H …. U,
    S- .. H- .. U, S-H-U!

    Repeat Main Verse

  2. “Seton Hall Alma Mater”

    To Alma Mater all be loyal,
    keep her name in purest light.
    Never waver from her precepts,
    guard her banner blue and white.
    O sing her praise to highest skies
    and be ye faithful in her eyes,
    for she will foster all your dreams,
    her name is Seton Hall.

    When on life’s hard stones you stumble,
    pray to God to be your guide.
    Think of Seton Hall your mother,
    then forge on in steady stride.
    O sing her praise to highest skies,
    and be ye faithful in her eyes,
    for she will foster all your dreams,
    her name is Seton Hall.

  3. Let’s Go Hall!

    Let’s go, Hall!

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