1. Jaguar Statue

Outside the Mitchell Center’s north entrance is a large jaguar statue. The statue is a must-see for anyone visiting the arena and presents an excellent photo op, so stop by and snap a picture with it.

2. Waterman Globe

During your visit to the Mitchell Center make sure to check out the Waterman Globe. The globe was a major tourist attraction in downtown Mobile from 1948 to 1973 and today can be seen in the Mitchell Center’s north entrance.

3. Jaguar Mascot

Keep your eyes open for the Jaguars mascot when attending a USA basketball game. He does an admirable job of entertaining the crowd throughout the game, so don’t miss during your trip to Mobile.


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4. USA Pep Band

The USA pep band keeps spirits high throughout the game with their rousing renditions of the school’s fight songs. The band is a big part of what makes attending a USA basketball game such an incredible experience, so enjoy their performance during your visit to Mobile.


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5. University of South Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

The University of South Alabama Sports Hall of Fame is a can’t miss for anyone attending a USA basketball game. The hall of fame honors all of the best athletes in school history and features tons of memorabilia from over the years, so take it all in before tipoff.

6. Prowlers Dance Squad

Don’t miss the Prowlers when they take the court. South Alabama’s dance team puts on a fantastic display whenever they take the court making them a can’t miss part of any USA sporting event.


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7. USA Cheerleaders

The USA cheerleaders rile up the crowd with their cheers and keep everyone engaged with the action on the court. Even when the Jaguars are struggling, the cheerleaders will do their best to keep the crowd in the game.


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8. South Alabama-Troy Rivalry

South Alabama and Troy battle for the belt on the gridiron, and while there is no rivalry trophy at stake when the two meet on the hardwood there are still plenty of bragging rights up for grabs. South Alabama-Troy games are some of the most intense Sun Belt Conference games of the season, so don’t miss it when these two Alabama-based schools square off.</span


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