South Carolina State Bulldogs Overview

Fast facts

League: NCAA Division I FCS

Head Coach: Oliver Pough

Team Mascot: Bulldog

Year Opened: 1955

Capacity: 22000

City / State: Orangeburg / South Carolina

Rivalries & Top Games to Attend

South Carolina State Bulldogs vs

Rival Team: North Carolina A&T Aggies

The rivalry between North Carolina A&T and South Carolina State dates back to 1924 and has been going strong ever since. The two schools are the largest historically black colleges in their respective states, and both are members of the MEAC creating an intense rivalry. You won’t want to miss it when the Aggies and Bulldogs square off, so make sure to be in attendance when North Carolina A&T comes to town.

South Carolina State Bulldogs Tailgate Guide


Tailgating at a South Carolina State game is all about the Game Zone. The Game Zone is a fenced in area around the stadium where you can find all of the biggest Bulldogs fans and tailgates on game days. If you want to enjoy tailgating at South Carolina State to its fullest, then make sure to reserve a spot in the Game Zone.

Bulldogs fans come out in large numbers to tailgate on game days creating a fun and festive game day experience. People from all over the state head to Orangeburg in the fall and everywhere you look you’ll see people dressed head to toe in garnet and blue.

Being that this is the south, you’ll find a lot of delicious barbecue at a South Carolina State tailgate. The barbecue here can go head to head with what you’ll find at larger in-state schools like South Carolina and Clemson, so join a large tailgate or bring something to share to take part in the fun.

Finally, the best time of the year to come out to Orangeburg is during homecoming. The homecoming festivities are a lot of fun for Bulldogs students, alumni, and fans making it a special time to see a game at Oliver C. Dawson Stadium.

You’ll have a great time tailgating before a Bulldogs game, so reserve your spot in the Game Zone and join in the fun.


Homecoming Parade

When attending the homecoming game, get here early so you can enjoy the homecoming parade before the game. The parade is a big part of the homecoming festivities and is a must-see for any SCSU student or alumnus.

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Where to tailgate

South Carolina State Bulldogs Stadium Guide

In Game

If you’re looking to enjoy a college football game in South Carolina, but don’t want to shell out for a Clemson or USC game, then a South Carolina State Bulldogs game is just the thing for you. SCSU puts on a fantastic game day that is one of the most underrated around and is an excellent time for any college football fan.

The Bulldogs typically put a great team on the field and have won 16 MEAC titles over the years. As a result of the team’s success, the Bulldogs have built an incredible fan base that comes out in large numbers to support the team week in and week out. The stands are filled with diehard fans on game days, who aren’t afraid to show who they support creating an excellent in-game atmosphere.

The fans aren’t the only ones who make attending an SCSU game a memorable experience. The band, dance team, and cheer squad at SCSU are also fantastic. The Marching 101 is especially great and perform all kinds of music ranging from R&B to contemporary pop hits. Those of you who enjoy a good marching band show will be doing yourself a disservice not to attend an SCSU football game to see the Marching 101.

College football fans will have a great time taking in a game at Oliver C. Dawson Stadium, so start planning your trip to Orangeburg today.

Things to check out

College Football Hall of Famers

Throughout Oliver C. Dawson, you'll see signs honoring former Bulldogs in the College Football Hall of Fame. The signs celebrate all-time greats such as Harry Carson and are a must-see for any college football fan. Take a walk of the concourse before the game to see all of the Bulldogs’ College Football Hall of Famers.

Facade over the Press Box

Take a look at the facade over the press box, which celebrates all of the Bulldogs conference championships. The facade does a fantastic job of immortalizing these teams and is a great way for you to remember all of your fondest SCSU football moments.

Marching 101

The Marching 101 puts on an incredible show at SCSU games and are a must-see part of every game. The band is so good that some fans show up just to see the band. Arrive early, to see the pregame show and don’t leave your seat at halftime as you wouldn’t want to miss either performance.

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SC State Cheerleaders

The SC State Cheerleaders pump up the crowd with their routines and are a big part of attending a Bulldogs football game. Join in the cheerleaders’ cheers and chants to show your support for the Bulldogs and give them as much of a home field advantage as possible.

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Champagne Dancers

The Champagne Dancers will dazzle you with their dance routines making them a can’t miss part of any Bulldogs game. The talented dancers perform a wide variety of show-stopping routines, so don’t leave your seat when you see them take the field.

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The Bulldogs mascot performs throughout the game and is a fun part of the game, especially for young fans. You never know what he’ll do next, so keep an eye out for him when taking in an SCSU game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Bulldog Fight Song

    Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
    I’m so glad that I’m from S.C. State,
    Tell it to ‘yah! Tell it to ‘yah!
    Bull-dogs are a team we know is great,
    For our team we’ll yell and yell,
    Send the other team to . . . you know who
    our Alma Mater,
    S-C-S-C. STATE!

  2. SCSU Alma Mater

    Sing the praise of Alma Mater
    Let us rally to her call
    Lift our voices, send them ringing,
    Thru the groves and classic halls.
    Hail! Hail! Dear Alma Mater
    Hail! Hail! Dear S.C. C.
    We’ll defend and honor,
    Love and cherish thee.
    We are loyal sons and daughters
    Proud to own the name we bear
    For the truth that thou has taught us
    Ready all to do and dare.
    Hail! Hail! Dear Alma Mater
    Hail! Hail! Dear S.C.C.
    We’ll defend and honor,
    Love and cherish thee.

South Carolina State Bulldogs Bars & Restaurants

  1. The Bank Sports Bar & Grill

    Owlz Pub Sand Trap Scorpions Bar Grill

    A friendly neighborhood sports bar with big screen T.V.'s, live music, karaoke, and great food.

    1163 Boulevard St, Orangeburg, SC 29115, USA

    Bar website

    american - sportsbar - $$

  2. El Toro Bar & Grill

    La Isla mexican El Toro Bar Grill

    El Toro Bar Grill Llc offers various types of delicious foods, Mexican foods, American foods, drinks and catering services in Orangeburg.

    885 Chestnut St, Orangeburg, SC 29115, USA

    Bar website

    american - $

  3. Mikey’s Bar & Grill

    Cocktails Mikeys Bar Grill

    A local, private club where everybody knows your name!

    1922 Charleston Hwy, Orangeburg, SC 29115, USA

    Bar website

    american - $$

  4. Antley’s Bar-BQ

    southern food

    Great BBQ and fantastic service.

    1370 Sims St, Orangeburg, SC 29115, USA

    Bar website

    bbq - $

  5. Rosalia’s Mexican Restaurant

    La Corona Taco La Chiquita Tacos Taco Corono Mexican Restaurant Tacos El Burrito Loco

    Fantastic food menu and great service.

    1058 Russell St, Orangeburg, SC 29115, USA

    Bar website

    mexican - $

  6. The Kuckery

    Pub N Sub beer

    Great food and amazing service.

    210 Cannon Bridge Rd SW, Orangeburg, SC 29115, USA

    Bar website

    american - $$

  7. Chestnut Grill

    Chestnut Grill

    Excellent food menu and exemplary service.

    1455 Chestnut St, Orangeburg, SC 29115, USA

    Bar website

    american - $$

  8. Original House of Pizza

    Original House of Pizza

    Amazingly delicious and tasty pizza!

    591 John C Calhoun Dr, Orangeburg, SC 29115, USA

    Bar website

    italian - pizza - $$

  9. Dukes Bar-B-Que

    Chandlers Deli

    The Southern comfort food that will truly not disappoint and definitely worth your time!

    1298 Whitman St SE, Orangeburg, SC 29115, USA

    Bar website

    bbq - $

  10. Brown Derby II

    Chicago Fire The Patio

    The place that makes excellent, high-quality BBQ!

    1399 Belleville Rd, Orangeburg, SC 29115, USA

    Bar website

    bbq - $