Tailgating at a South Carolina State game is all about the Game Zone. The Game Zone is a fenced in area around the stadium where you can find all of the biggest Bulldogs fans and tailgates on game days. If you want to enjoy tailgating at South Carolina State to its fullest, then make sure to reserve a spot in the Game Zone.

Bulldogs fans come out in large numbers to tailgate on game days creating a fun and festive game day experience. People from all over the state head to Orangeburg in the fall and everywhere you look you’ll see people dressed head to toe in garnet and blue.

Being that this is the south, you’ll find a lot of delicious barbecue at a South Carolina State tailgate. The barbecue here can go head to head with what you’ll find at larger in-state schools like South Carolina and Clemson, so join a large tailgate or bring something to share to take part in the fun.

Finally, the best time of the year to come out to Orangeburg is during homecoming. The homecoming festivities are a lot of fun for Bulldogs students, alumni, and fans making it a special time to see a game at Oliver C. Dawson Stadium.

You’ll have a great time tailgating before a Bulldogs game, so reserve your spot in the Game Zone and join in the fun.


Homecoming Parade

When attending the homecoming game, get here early so you can enjoy the homecoming parade before the game. The parade is a big part of the homecoming festivities and is a must-see for any SCSU student or alumnus.

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Where to tailgate

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