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The South Dakota State Jackrabbits are a program on the rise. Not only has the team made FCS Playoff the last five years the Jackrabbits also just moved into a new state of the art stadium. The Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium is one of the newest and nicest stadiums in the FCS making a trip to Brookings a must for any fan looking to experience the new facility.

In addition to an incredible stadium, the Jackrabbits also have some fantastic fan support. SDSU fans are very friendly, and the team’s current fortunes have fans from all over the state coming out to support the team. You’ll find a lively atmosphere here in Brookings, especially when the Jackrabbits are doing well, making it a fun time to come out and support SDSU football.

Finally, the Pride of the Dakotas Marching Band puts on an impressive show and the cheer teams do a great job of keeping spirits high throughout the game. Enjoy the performances of the band and spirit squads at Jackrabbits games as they’re a big part of what makes attending an SDSU game such a special event.

A Jackrabbits game is an excellent road trip destination for any FCS fans as you’ll get to watch one of the best teams in the country play in a brand new stadium.

Things to check out

Brand New Stadium

The brand new Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium opened in 2016 and is a beautiful facility where any FCS football fan would love to watch a game. There are few better facilities in the FCS, so enjoy taking in a game at the Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium.

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Pride of the Dakotas Marching Band

Enjoy the performance of the Pride of the Dakotas Marching Band when taking in an SDSU game. The band is a big part of the pageantry on display at Jackrabbits game, and they do an excellent job of keeping spirits high with their tunes.

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Jack the Jackrabbit

Keep an eye out for the SDSU mascot Jack the Jackrabbit. Fans young and old love Jack and you never know what kind of trouble he’ll get into next, so don’t miss him during your trip to Brookings.

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Join in the cheers and chants lead by SDSU’s coed and all-girl cheer squads. The cheer squads do a fantastic job of riling up the crowd, especially at key moments, so join in the cheers and show off your SDSU pride.

Fight Songs

  1. Ring the Bells

    Ring the bells for South Dakota
    The Yellow and the Blue;
    Cheer the team from South Dakota
    With loyal hearts so true;
    Win the game for South Dakota
    The School that serves us well;
    We will fight for South Dakota
    So let’s ring, ring, ring those bells.

  2. The Yellow and Blue

    We come from the Sioux and Missouri,
    The Cheyenne and the Jim,
    From pine clad peaks of the Black Hills,
    Brimful of vigor and vim.
    We sing the song of the prairie,
    The home of the Yellow and Blue.
    The gleaming gold of the corn field,
    The flax of azure hue.
    Oh SDSU hurrah for the Yellow and Blue;
    Old SDSU all honor and glory to you;
    For ever raise the song in praise both loud and long
    With loyal heart so true (so true)
    Oh loyal hearts and true (and true,
    so true).

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