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A Southeast Missouri State football game features everything you would want in a Division I football game and then some. The fans inside Houck Stadium are among the best in the OVC and all throughout the game you’ll hear them going wild whenever the Redhawks make a big play. The band and spirit squads are also top notch creating a fun in-game atmosphere that rivals that at just about any FCS school.

Additionally, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to take part in the tailgating that takes place in the east end zone. Redhawks fans tailgate inside the stadium during the game creating a unique atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. While it cost big money to set up a tailgate in the end zone, you can still stop by and join in the fun.

You’ll have a lot of fun attending a Southeast Missouri State football game, so get your tickets to a Redhawks game today.

Things to check out

End Zone Tailgating

For those of you who didn’t get enough tailgating before the game, make surce to check out end zone tailgating. You’ll see fans grilling out and tailgating in the east end zone, so stop on by and say hi during the game.

SEMO Marching Band

Enjoy the musical performance of the SEMO Marching Band during the game. The band is a big part of the in-game atmosphere at Houck Stadium and does a fantastic job of keeping everyone engaged in the action on the field.

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Rowdy the Redhawk

Keep an eye out for the Redhawks beloved mascot Rowdy the Redhawk. Rowdy performs all kinds of stunts at games and is a favorite among young fans, making him a memorable part of every Southeast Missouri State football game.

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Join the cheerleaders as they propel the Redhawks to victory with their cheers and chants. The cheerleaders’ routines will get everyone out of their seats, so join in and show off your SEMO pride.

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Don’t miss the Sundancers performances throughout the game. The Sundancers will keep you entertained during stoppages in play and are a fun part of any Redhawks football game.

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Fight Songs

  1. “SEMO Fight Song”

    Fight, Red-Hawks, Fight
    For the Southeast banner,
    On-ward to Vic-to-ry
    For the Red & Black
    Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Fight, Red-Hawks, Fight
    Show your colors true!
    Go on to Vic-to-ry, Go on to Vic-to-ry
    Your spir-it will shine through!

  2. “SEMO Victory March”

    Go On-ward to Vic-to-ry,
    For the Red & Black!
    Go On-ward to Vic-to-ry,
    And never give it back!
    Go! Go! Go!
    On-ward to Vic-to-ry,
    Make your actions true,
    Go On-ward to Vic-to-ry,
    For South-east U!
    On-ward to Vic-to-ry
    For South-east U!

  3. “SE Missouri State Alma Mater”

    High above the Mississippi,
    Ageless in majestic flow,
    Rise they halls in native grandeur,
    Beacon light to all below.

    Cape Girardeau, Alma Mater,
    Forward press unceasingly,
    In the quest for truth untrammeled
    Till humanity is free.

    Round thee springtime
    flings her blossoms,
    June in verdure veils thy hills,
    Autumn paints in poignant beauty
    Winter’s snows fall soft and still.


    With the passing of the ages,
    Brighter still thy light shall glow;
    Sons and daughters more shall gather
    Here to laugh, and love, and grow.


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