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Banterra Center underwent a massive renovation before the 2010 season catapulting it into being one of the top venues in the Missouri Valley Conference. Even nearly a decade later, the venue still has a new arena smell to it.

You’ll want to arrive early to take in all of the sights and sounds of Banterra Center as there is a lot to see here in Carbondale. Before entering the arena, take a minute to snap a picture with the saluki statue outside. Afterward, make your way to the SIU Hall of Fame, which honors all of the best athletes in Salukis history, and take some time to explore the concourse before the game as there are tons of pictures and banners to see here as well.

Once the game starts, you’ll be treated to a fantastic in-game experience equipped with a raucous students section, a banging band, and two lovable mascots. The student section, known as the Dawg Pound, makes every game feel like it’s a tournament game and the Saluki Pep Band plays all of your favorite SIU songs making both major contributors to the incredible atmosphere found inside Banterra Center.

A trip to Carbondale is a great time for any college hoops fan, so get your tickets and start planning your trip today.

Things to check out

Saluki Statue

Before entering Banterra Center, stop by and snap a picture with the saluki statue. The statue is a must-see for anyone attending a game in Carbondale and offers an excellent photo op as well, so make sure to check it out.

SIU Hall of Fame

Take some time before the game to see the SIU Hall of Fame inside Banterra Center. The Hall of Fame celebrates all of the best athletes and achievements in Salukis history making it a can’t miss.


Walk the concourse to see all of the murals around Banterra Center. The murals honor all of the best players and moments in Salukis hoops history and are excellent for re-living all of your favorite SIU basketball moments, so take some time to see them all.


Look up from your seat to see all the banners hanging from the rafters. The banners celebrate all of the best players and teams in Salukis history including the legendary Walt Frazier.

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SIU Team Store

If you want to pick up a souvenir from your trip to SIU, then stop by the SIU Team Store. The team store offers a wide variety of Salukis merchandise including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and much more. No matter what you’re looking for you’ll find it at the SIU Team Store.

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Dawg Pound

Just like in Cleveland, the Dawg Pound is where you’ll find the rowdiest and wildest fans on game days. The Dawg Pound is filled with the most intimidating fans at the game, so if you want to get loud and support the Salukis, there is no better place to be than the Dawg Pound.

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Saluki Pep Band

The Saluki Pep Band is a can’t miss part of any Southern Illinois basketball game. The pep band will keep you pumped up throughout the game with their tunes and is a big part of what makes attending a Salukis basketball game such an excellent experience.

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Brown Dog and Gray Dog

Southern Illinois has not one but two mascots who entertain fans on game days. Keep an eye open Brown Dog and Gray Dog when attending a Salukis basketball game as you never know what kind of shenanigans this duo will get into next.

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Fight Songs

  1. “Go! Southern! Go!”

    Go! Southern Go!
    Fight on the victory!
    Go! Southern Go!
    March on triumphantly!
    Come on and show,
    Southern, Show,
    For all the world to know
    Nothing’s gonna stop you now
    Hit that line and show them how to go!
    Southern Go! Go!

  2. "Southern Alma Mater”

    Hail Alma Mater
    Southern to thee
    Strong thru the years you
    stand triumphantly
    Beacon to guide us
    Over life’s sea
    Light that can never fail us
    Hail, hail to thee.

  3. “Saluki Men”

  4. “Go You Saluki”

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