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The Salukis moved into the brand new Saluki Stadium in 2010 significantly improving the gameday experience at Southern Illinois. The state-of-the-art stadium provides an excellent place to take in a game and is home to incredible sight lines and plenty of amenities, making it one of the best place to take in a game at the FCS level.

In addition to a new stadium, Southern Illinois also is home to a great fanbase. Fans from all over the area come out to support the Salukis on game days, and the stands are a sea of maroon and white during the game.

The spirit groups and marching band are also a big part of what makes attending a Salukis game a memorable experience. Both the live mascot and the two costumed mascots are must-see parts of the game. Fans young and old enjoy the mascots at the game, so keep an eye out for them during your visit. You’ll also enjoy the performance of the Marching Salukis during the game as well. The band creates a good tempo throughout the game, and their halftime show is always excellent.

A trip to Southern Illinois is a fun time for any FCS football fan, so don’t hesitate to start planning your trip to Carbondale today.

Things to check out

Live Mascot

Don’t miss the live saluki dog at Southern Illinois games. The dog is a fun part of any game, so keep your eyes peeled for him as you wouldn’t want to miss him.

Dawg Pound

Just like in Cleveland, the Dawg Pound is where you’ll find the rowdiest and wildest fans on game days. The Dawg Pound is filled with the most intimidating fans at the game, so if you want to get loud and support the Salukis, there is no better place to be than the Dawg Pound.

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Marching Salukis

The Marching Salukis are a can’t miss part of any Southern Illinois football game. The marching band will keep you pumped up throughout the game with their tunes and is a big part of what makes attending a Salukis football game such an excellent experience.

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Brown Dog and Gray Dog

Southern Illinois has not one but two mascots who entertain fans on game days. Keep an eye open Brown Dog and Gray Dog when attending a Salukis football game as you never know what kind of shenanigans this duo will get into next.

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Fight Songs

  1. Go! Southern! Go!

    Go! Southern Go!
    Fight on to victory!
    Go! Southern Go!
    March on triumphantly!
    Come on and show,
    Southern, Show,
    For all the world to know
    Nothing’s gonna stop you now
    Hit that line and show them how to go!
    Southern Go! Go!

  2. Southern Alma Mater

    Hail Alma Mater
    Southern to thee
    Strong thru the years you
    stand triumphantly
    Beacon to guide us
    Over life’s sea
    Light that can never fail us
    Hail, hail to thee.

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