1. The Boulevard

SMU fans don’t tailgate, they Boulevard. Bishop Boulevard on the SMU campus in Dallas is the pregame hub at SMU games. If you want to experience what it’s like to attend an SMU Mustangs game, then you need to stop by The Boulevard.

2. Peruna

Peruna is SMU’s live Shetland pony mascot and has been at every SMU game for over 70 years. After each touchdown, Peruna and his handlers run across the field to the opposing team’s end zone in celebration. Peruna also has a penchant for fighting other mascots and once even took down Texas’s Bevo with a kick to the side. Keep your eyes on Peruna throughout the game as he is sure to provide some entertainment.

3. Doak Walker Plaza

The plaza located at the northeast corner of the stadium pays tribute to the greatest player in SMU history, Doak Walker. You’ll also find a statue that is a life-sized replica of the Doak Walker Award, so make sure to stop by and snap a few pictures.

4. The Battle for the Iron Skillet

SMU’s biggest rival is TCU, which is also located in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. While the origins of the story differ between the two schools, the rivalry is long running, and the two schools have played each every year except six since 1915. The winner of the game receives the ceremonial iron skillet and bragging rights over the Fort Worth area.

5. Mustang Walk

One of the best traditions to experience at SMU is the Mustang Walk. The Mustang Walk takes place approximately two hours and 45 minutes before kickoff and is a great way to cheer on the Mustangs and show off your SMU pride. The great thing about the Mustang walk is that it comes right to you as the team walks down The Boulevard on their way to Gerald J. Ford Stadium.

6. Best Dressed Band in the Land

The SMU marching band is famous for its many uniforms having over 32 unique ones. You’ll never know what the SMU marching band is going to wear, so keep your eyes peeled to see what ensemble they are wearing this week.

7. Mustang Alley

Mustang Alley is located in the center of the action on The Boulevard and provides a variety of great fan activities. Here you’ll find a variety of food and drink options, which are perfect for those of you who want to experience the excellent tailgate atmosphere of The Boulevard without setting up a tailgate of your own.

8. Peruna Plaza

Located at the south end of Gerald J. Ford this Plaza pays tribute to SMU’s mascot Peruna. Here you’ll find a statue dedicated to Peruna I, and you’ll also find memorials dedicated to all the Perunas throughout SMU history.

9. Block Party Suites

Located at the intersection of Binkley Avenue and Bishop Boulevard, these luxurious tailgate suites offer you all the amenities you could ever want at a tailgate. These suites accommodate 30 to 40 people and feature sleek furniture, two HD TVs, surround sound, a fan system, and you’ll even have your private bathrooms.

10. Gansz Trophy

SMU and Navy play for the Gansz Trophy, which is named after former Navy player and coach Frank Gansz. The two teams first met in 1930 when SMU bested Navy 20-7. However, Navy have the edge in the all-time series 9-7. Navy’s move to the American Athletic Conference means these two will be seeing a lot of each other over the next few years.

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