1. Southern Miss Shoot Out

You’ll hear the Southern Miss Shout Out several times throughout a Golden Eagles game. The chant goes “S-O-U-Thern – Southern Mississippi – USM!” Join in on the chant to show off your Southern Miss pride.

2. Trophy Case

Stop by the trophy case to see the Golden Eagles incredible past on display. The trophy case is home to a variety of different trophies including conference championship trophies and even the team’s 1987 NIT trophy, so make sure to check it out.

3. Seymour d’Campus

The Southern Miss mascot has been a golden eagle since 1972. However, Seymour did not get his name until 1984. The name is inspired by the 1984 World’s Fair mascot Seymore D. Fair and is a pun sounding like “see more of the campus.” During games you can see Seymour entertaining the fans on the sideline and pumping up the crowd at critical times, so keep your eyes peeled for him.

4. Standing For the First Basket

At Golden Eagles, games everyone remains standing until Southern Miss scores their first basket. Stand up and show your support for the Golden Eagles when attending a Southern Miss basketball game.

5. Free Throws

Cheer on the Golden Eagles as they shoot free throws by raising your hands above your head and dropping them and yelling, “whoosh” when the shot is made. Join in on the free throw cheer to help aid the Golden Eagles to victory.

6. Pep Band

The pep band is a big part of any Southern Miss basketball game. They create an incredible atmosphere throughout the game and initiate the Southern Miss Shout Out, so make sure to enjoy the band when attending a Golden Eagles hoops game.

7. Southern Miss Response Cheer

Join in the Southern Miss response cheer when attending a Golden Eagles game. The cheer begins with the initiator chanting, “Southern Miss” with a finger raised and is completed with the responders chanting, “To the top” back while raising their finger.

8. Southern Misses

The Southern Misses dance team entertains the crowd throughout the game with their incredible dance routines. They put on a great halftime show, so don’t miss them during your trip to Hattiesburg.

9. Banners

Hanging above the court at Reed Green Coliseum are banners honoring the best players and teams in Golden and Lady Eagles basketball history. Take a minute before the game to remember all of your favorite Southern Miss players and memories.

10. Cheerleaders

The Southern Miss cheerleaders do a great job of rousing the crowd at Southern Miss basketball games. They lead the crowd in a variety of cheers, so keep an eye out for them and join in on the cheers.

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