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The Southern Jaguars have won 19 conference titles and nine black college football national championships helping build an incredible fan base. Southern fans from all over come out to watch the Jaguars on Saturdays in the fall, and as a result, you’ll find a fantastic atmosphere inside Ace W. Mumford Stadium on game days.

You can feel the fans’ passion all throughout the game as no matter what the score you’ll see Jaguars fans up on their feet dancing and cheering. If you’re looking to attend a football game filled with passionate fans, then you’ll struggle to find a better place to take in a game than Southern.

In addition to an excellent crowd, the Southern marching band known as The Human Jukebox is also spectacular. The Human Jukebox put on an incredible show at every game and are worth the price of admission all on their own. Whether you’re a college football fan or just a fan of marching bands, you’ll have a great time taking in a Southern Jaguars game at Ace W. Mumford Stadium.

Things to check out

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Whiteout Game

The atmosphere at a Southern Jaguars football game is always great, but it’s extra special when attending a whiteout game. Southern fans all dress in white for the whiteout creating an intimidating atmosphere that will strike fear into any opponent.

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The Human Jukebox

The Human Jukebox is worth the trip to Ace W. Mumford Stadium all by themselves, so make sure to enjoy the pregame, halftime, and postgame shows. The band is a huge part of every Southern game and has performed at six Super Bowls making them a can’t miss part of any Jaguars game.

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The cheerleaders at Southern do a fantastic job of revving up the crowd and bringing everyone to their feet. Join in the cheers and chants lead by the cheerleaders to get the full gameday experience.

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Dancing Dolls

The Southern University Dancing Dolls will dazzle you with their dance routines. The Dancing Dolls put on quite the show, so don’t miss them when attending a Jaguars game.

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Don’t miss the Southern mascot, Lacumba, at the game. Lacumba is named after Southern’s former live jaguar mascot and is a fun part of any Jaguars game. Make sure to enjoy Lacumba’s antics when taking in a game at Ace W. Mumford Stadium.

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Fight Songs

  1. Southern U. Fight Song

    Southern University,
    Defenders of the gold and blue
    We will always loyal be
    And raise a cheer for you.
    All for one and one for all
    We’ve got the will to win for thee
    And We’ll fight, fight, fight
    Til we win the victory.

  2. Southern U. Alma Mater

    O Southern, Dear Southern, Thy praises we shall sing,
    Until all the heavens and echoes loudly ring.
    The winds and the sky as they pass us by
    Will Adoration bring.
    O Southern, Dear Southern, We owe our all to Thee,
    In downfall or vict’ry, We’ll always loyal be.
    Thy Sons and Daughters as they work,
    Will be inspired by Thee.
    O Southern, Dear Southern, Thy name will ever be,
    As mighty as the rivers that flow on to the sea,
    As pure and true as the Gold and Blue,
    That stand out bold for Thee.

  3. I’m So Glad

    I’m so glad I go to Southern U!
    I’m so glad I go to Southern U!
    I’m so glad I go to Southern U!
    Singing Glory Hallelujah, I’m so glad!

    I’m so glad I go to Southern U!
    I’m so glad I go to Southern U!

  4. Ole Southern Spirit

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