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Eccles Coliseum is a beautiful place to take in a game as you’ll have a fantastic view of the beautiful Red Mountains as well as the beautiful Southern Utah campus. The stadium also provides fans with plenty of unique architecture as the south end zone’s design commemorates the Olympic Torch passing through Cedar City and is quite the sight to behold.

In addition to a beautiful view, Southern Utah is home to some wonderful fans. Southern Utah may not be the biggest program, but that doesn’t’ mean the fans that show up aren’t some of the most die hard fans out there. The stands at Eccles Coliseum are typically packed full of Thunderbirds fans, none more so than the student section.

Finally, the Southern Utah spirit groups and the band put on a great show. The band will keep you entertained with their musical performance throughout the game, and you won’t want to miss the halftime performance by the SUU Waukeenyans. The Thunderbirds mascot Thor is also a big part of the show as well, so keep an eye out for him as you never know what he’ll do next.

A Southern Utah Thunderbirds game is a fun experience for any FCS football fan, so don’t hesitate to take a trip to Cedar City, Utah.

Things to check out

Olympic Torch Memorial

Stop by and see the Olympic Torch Memorial in the south end zone. The memorial is a must-see for any sports fans and is a unique part of Eccles Coliseum.

SUU Marching Band

The SUU Marching Band provides a great atmosphere at Thunderbirds football games. All throughout the game, you’ll hear the band as they try to rile up the crowd with their tunes.

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SUU Waukeenyans

Don’t leave your seat at halftime as the SUU Waukeenyans put on a fantastic performance. The dance team’s halftime performance is one of the biggest parts of the game making it a must-see for anyone taking in a Thunderbirds game.

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Spirit Squad

Join the Spirit Squad as they pump up the team with their cheers and chants. The Spirit Squad performs a variety of stunts and chants that will bring you to your feet throughout the game.


Thor the Thunderbirds mascot is one of the most popular parts of the game. Fans young and old enjoy Thor’s shenanigans, so keep an eye out for him during your trip to Cedar City.

Fight Songs

  1. The Great SUU

    We will che-er for the red and white,
    of our fighting SUU!

    Hear our battle cry, echo through the sky,
    As our team comes blazing through!

    They will fight, fight, fight, when they hear us shout,
    As we sing our victory song.

    We will run, we will score, till the “Thunder Roars”,
    And the T-Birds win once more!

    Go, Go, Go… Fight, Fight, Fight…. Win T-Birds!

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