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Springfield is located deep in the heart of Cardinals Country, and as a result, you’ll find plenty of fans filling the stands of Hammons Field on game days. The people of Missouri live and die with the Cardinals, and it’s no different in Springfield making the Cardinals Double-A affiliate quite the draw.

One thing that’s unique about attending a Springfield Cardinals game is the passion the fans have for the team. While at a lot of minor league ballparks the fans are there more to have fun than to watch the game that isn’t the case in Springfield. The fans here are quite knowledgeable and passionate about their team, so don’t hesitate to start up a conversation with the people sitting next to you during your visit.

That said, you’ll still find plenty of in-game entertainment and other activities here in Springfield. The Cardinals’ mascots Louie and Fetch are both big parts of the game, and you’ll find a play area in left field that is perfect for keeping kids entertained during the game. The Springfield Cardinals also run plenty of giveaways and between inning promotions just like the ones you’d find at other minor league parks.

A Springfield Cardinals game is an excellent opportunity to watch future Cardinals stars and catch a game with die-hard Cardinals fans, so get your tickets to a Springfield Cardinals game today.

Things to check out

Kids’ Play Area

Stop by the kids' play area when attending a Springfield Cardinals game with the family. The play area features inflatables and other kids’ activities making it the perfect place to take restless kids during the game.

Texas League Standings

If you want to see what the Texas League standings are, just take a look at the top of the scoreboard. The flags atop the board show the standings, so take a peek to see how the Cardinals are doing.

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Louie & Fetch

Keep an eye out for the Springfield Cardinals beloved mascots Louie and Fetch. The two mascots get into all kinds of antics during the game, and if you see them on the concourse, get an autograph and high-five from them.

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Souvenir Shop

Pick up a cap, t-shirt, jersey, or another souvenir from the souvenir shop at Hammons Field. You won’t have to worry about going home empty-handed from a Cardinals game as there are tons of souvenirs for sale here.

Redbird Roost

Eat like a king at the Redbird Roost. The Redbird Roost provides you with all-you-can-eat hot dogs, brats, nachos, chips, cookies, and more for $28 to $29 making it an excellent value.

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Fight Songs

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