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St. Louis may be a baseball town first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have an excellent time attending a Blues game. There is a festive atmosphere surrounding the Enterprise Center on game days that is similar to what you would find at a Busch Stadium, and all throughout the city, you’ll see people in Blues gear.

The second you reach the arena you’ll be greeted with tributes to some of the best players in Blues history. Outside the arena are statues honoring Brett Hull, Al MacInnis, and Bernie Federko. Make sure to stop by and snap a picture with these statues before entering.

Once inside the Enterprise Center there are even more displays dedicated to past Blues players including a bunch of retired numbers hanging from the rafters and a mural on the lower level. The mural pays tribute to all the best players in Blues history to wear the number seven, so take a minute to take it all in.

In addition to the history that permeates throughout the building, the Blues fans are also among the most loyal and diehard of any fans out there. While the Blues have been regular contenders during most of their history, they have often come up short creating a fan base who knows what it’s like to deal with the ups and downs of supporting a team. Additionally, keep an eye out for Towel Man and his wild goal celebrations when the Blues score.

Finally, the Blues do an excellent job of putting on an impressive in-game show. The Blues mascots Louie and the Blue Crew do a great job of keeping you entertained when the action on the ice comes to a halt. Also, organist, Jeremy Boyer is one the best in the NHL and a real treat to listen to during the game.

Most people think of baseball when they think of attending a sporting event in St. Louis, but the Blues also provide some incredible entertainment.

Things to check out

Brett Hull, Al MacInnis, and Bernie Federko Statues

The Blues honor legends Brett Hull, Al MacInnis, and Bernie Federko with statues outside the Enterprise Center on the corner of 14th and Brett Hull Way. Hull is the Blues franchise leaders goals, MacInnis is one of the greatest defensemen of all-time, and Federko is the Blues franchise point leader, so make sure to check these statues out.

Retired Number Banners

Hanging above the ice, are six former St. Louis Blues numbers. These banners honor such greats as Al MacInnis, Bob Gassoff, and Brett Hull, so take a minute to remember all of your favorite players from the past.

Other Banners

In addition to having banners for those six players whose numbers have been retired by the Blues, the team also hangs banners for Bob Plager, Doug Wickenheiser, and broadcaster Dan Kelly.


In the lower seating bowl, there is a mural celebrating Garry Unger, Red Berenson, Joe Mullen, and Keith Tkachuk. Stop by and see this mural, which does an impressive job of honoring Blues players throughout the team’s many eras, all of which wore number seven.

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Top Shelf

Top Shelf offers an excellent place to gather with friends during the game. This vast area of open space is filled with chairs and tables making it a great place to eat during intermission. Don’t worry if you can’t get back to your seat right away either since Top Shelf offers a great view of the ice.

Bud Light Zone

If you’re sitting in club seats or loge box then stop by the Bud Light Zone to get something to eat before, during, or after the game. The impressive buffet will fill you right up ensuring you always leave the game full.

Jeremy Boyer

A big part of enjoying a Blues game is the musical stylings of Blues organist Jeremy Boyer. Boyer’s tunes are one of the Blues biggest traditions, so listen for “St. Louis Blues” before the game and “When the Blues Go Marching In” after every goal.

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National Anthem

At the end of the national anthem, Blues fans chant “home of the Blues” rather than “home of the brave.” Join in on this fun tradition to show off your Blues pride when attending a game in St. Louis.

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Towel Man

The Blues super fan “Towel Man” has been attending games since 1990 and has become a significant part of every Blues game. After each Blues goal, he’ll count with the bell and throw a towel from section 314.

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Fan Produced Programs

Make sure to pick up the fan produced St. Louis Game Time outside the arena before the game. The program provides a more cynical view on the team and happenings around the league, so check it out.


You can see the Blues lovable mascot Louie at every Blues game. Fans young and old appreciate Louie’s comedy, so don’t miss him during the game.

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Blue Crew

The Blue Crew keeps everyone engaged throughout the game with a variety of promotions, so be on the lookout for them as you never know what kind of prizes you could win.

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Fight Songs

  1. St. Louis Blues March

    Organist Jeremy Boyer plays this song before every Blues game.


  2. When the Blues Go Marching In

    Blues goal song

  3. Let’s Go Blues! Chant

    Let’s go Blues!

    Let’s go Blues!

    Let’s go Blues!

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