1. Statue of Stan Musial

Stan Musial was one of the greatest to ever play the game of baseball. Nicknamed “Stan the Man,” Musial spent his entire professional career inSt. Louis, with the only interruption coming during a year service to his country in the United States Navy during World War I. Musial has an impressive resume including the three NL MVP Awards and three World Series titles. Musial has been immortalized outside of Busch Stadium with a statue created in his honor. Inscribed in the statue is a quote from former baseball commissioner Ford Frick which reads “Here stands baseball’s perfect warrior. Here stands baseball’s perfect knight”. Before games, some of Cardinals fans will place empty Budweiser cans near the statue to honor one of the greatest players in Cardinals history.

2. Ballpark Village

The $100 million first phase of Ballpark Village opened in March of 2014 and had become one of the most restaurants and entertainment districts in St. Louis. Ballpark Village boasts of five live performance stages, one of the largest retractable roofs ever built, the biggest indoor screen TV in the Midwest, and a large outdoor festival space, all of which contributes to the already present lively atmosphere at Busch Stadium.

3. Clydesdales

On opening day and during playoffs at Busch Stadium, eight Clydesdale horses wearing 130 pounds of harnesses and collars, wait to greet the St. Louis Cardinals fans. With red, white, and blue ribbons braided in their hair, the Clydesdales are not only a symbol for Anheuser-Busch, but they’re also a huge part of the Cardinals family as well.

4. Cardinals Nation

Located in Ballpark Village, this 34,000 square foot venue features a two-story Cardinals Nation Restaurant & Bar. Additionally, Cardinals Nation also features the Cardinals Hall of Fame & Museum, the Cardinals Authentics Shop (which is home to used game memorabilia), and the AT&T Rooftop (a 334-seat two-story rooftop deck that offers one of the most inclusive experiences in all of baseball).

5. Budweiser Brew House

Located in Ballpark Village, this brand new restaurant/bar has become a fan favorite spot to tailgate and party before the first pitch. It comes complete with a full menu as well as over 100 national and international beers on tap. Going to the roof of the Brew House will allow you to have a panoramic view of the stadium and an eagle eye view of batting practice 2 hours before the game.

6. Fox Sports Midwest Live!

This section of Ballpark Village is dedicated to audio-video entertainment, featuring a 40-foot diagonal LED screen above a stage. The stage accommodates f live events and is in the same location as a 200-seat restaurant and a VIP seating area. What makes this area of the ballpark the most exciting for fans is the live taping of Fox Sports Midwest in their new studio, complete with a view of Busch Stadium from the anchor desk.

7. Howl at the Moon

This dueling piano bar is one of the newest entertainment concepts in the United States and has proven to be very successful in Ballpark Village. The talented performers at Howl duel each other with many musical instruments, not just pianos, and include the audience in many ways, making this one of the most fun places in all of Busch Stadium.

8. Family Pavilion

In the northeast corner of Busch Stadium, the Family Pavilion provides an interactive experience filled with games and activities for families at Busch Stadium. The area is home to a batting cage, speed pitch, T-ball cages, soft-play area, and an XBOX video game area making it the perfect place to take the kids if they get a bit restless.

9. Busch 2 Infield

Located outside of the new Busch Stadium, the Busch 2 Infield pays tribute to the old Busch Stadium and gives fans the chance to walk where many Cardinals greats have played. Stop by the Busch 2 Infield and check it out before the game.

10. Best Fans in Baseball

The St. Louis Cardinals have one of the strongest and most loyal fan bases in all of baseball. They’re known for traveling outside of their home state and filling a good portion of the stadium at away game stadiums. The Cardinals are one of the most successful baseball franchises with nineteen National League pennants and are second only to the New York Yankees in World Series championships. Their fan base also knows no borders, as Cardinals fans can be found all throughout the south and the midwest.

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