Stony Brook recently revamped its tailgating experience creating Seawolves Town in 2015. As a result of the new tailgate setup, you’ll find a unique tailgating experience here at Stony Brook that has something for everyone.

If you’re bringing the kids to the tailgate and looking for family entertainment, then you’ll love all of the fun activities Seawolves Town has to offer. Seawolves Town is home to tons of kids activities including face painting, balloon animals, inflatables, and much more, making it the perfect place to take the kids before the game.

Those of you who are looking for a more traditional tailgating experience filled with grilling out and drinking will enjoy The Lot. The Lot is the student tailgate area and is a great place to throw back some beers with friends and hang out before the game.

Finally, no matter which group you fit into you won’t want to miss Wolfie’s Walk before the game. Wolfie’s Walk gives you the chance to see your favorite Stony Brook players up close and give them some last minute support before they enter the stadium.

Tailgating at Stony Brook is fantastic no matter what kind of experience you’re looking for, so arrive at Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium early to enjoy all the pregame festivities.


Wolfie’s Walk

Check out Wolfie’s Walk in The Lot before the game to see your favorite Seawolves players up close. Wolfie’s Walk also features the spirit groups as well making it the perfect way to get into the Seawolves game day spirit.

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