1. The Quad March

Before every game, the Syracuse band performs in the quad and lead the crowd to the Carrier Dome. If you want to catch the band before the game, make sure to be in the quad around an hour before kickoff.

2. Pizza Penants

Every season Varsity Pizza hangs a pennant on the wall for each opponent on Syracuse’s schedule. After a Syracuse win, the MVP of the game turns the pennant upside down.

3. Alma Mater

After every game, the team sings the alma mater with the fans. This was tradition started by former head coach Doug Marrone in 2009 and has been going strong ever since. If you’re attending an Orange game learn the school’s alma mater, so you can join in on the festivities.

4. Key Plays

On key plays such as crucial third down stops, the fans jingle their keys and make noise. This tradition is effective at giving the defense an extra boost when needed and is an excellent way to show your fan support. The acoustics of the Carrier Dome make this one of the loudest traditions in college sports.

5. 'Cuse Tailgates

Tailgating is a big deal at Syracuse, and it is best to get here around three to four hours in advance if you want to get a good spot. Also, the best place to tailgate is the West Stadium lot, which is home to some of Syracuse’s biggest fans and largest tailgates.

6. The Carrier Dome

The Carrier Dome is one of the most Iconic stadiums in college sports, as well as one of the largest and loudest indoor arenas on any campus. Its loud acoustics and historic feel make the Carrier Dome a must see for any big time college sports fan.

7. Play Where the Pros Played

The Dome isn’t just home to the Syracuse Orange football, basketball, and lacrosse teams it has also hosted many professional games as well. The Knicks have played here on several occasions and the dome also serves as home to the Syracuse Crunch AHL team. Regardless of the event, the Carrier Dome is a great place to take in a sporting event.

8. Otto's Entrance

Before every game Syracuse mascot Otto the Orange is carried out in front of the student section before the team taking the field. His arrival really gets the crowd pumped and ready to blow the roof off of the stadium as they cheer on the Orange.

9. Ernie Davis Statue

As fans make their way from the quad to the dome, they touch the Ernie Davis statue to bring the Orange good luck. The statue serves as an excellent tribute to one of Syracuse’s greatest players of all time and is something every football fan should check out.

10. Crowd Chants

The Carrier Dome is known as the “Loud House” and it wouldn’t get that name if Orange fans didn’t have their share of great cheers and chants. Some of the more famous chants include the spelling out of S-Y-R-A-C-U-S-E and the “Hey Song.” If you’re attending a Syracuse game learn the chants beforehand, so you can join in on the cheers.

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