Huge grass lots and Florida weather make tailgating at Raymond James Stadium a must! The Tailgating parties are quoted as “go hard or go home.” All of the necessities to have a real good time can be found in the lots around Raymond James including kegs of ice-cold beer, an open bar, and 3-4 tents of incredible food provided by their very own, “Chef Red.”

Given that Raymond James Stadium, or “Ray Jay,” offers vast areas for tailgating, you can choose to set up shop in one of the lots or stop by all of them to take in the different gameday personalities throughout the tailgate. While some lots contain the super chefs and large party atmospheres, others are family friendly, adult zones, or dancing and gaming areas. No matter what your pregame scene is, you’ll find somewhere to tailgate at Raymond James Stadium.

If you’re looking to experience Raymond James Stadium at its best, make sure to come on down to Tampa when the Bucs take on their heated rivals like the Saints and Panthers. No matter who the opponent, though, you’ll always have a great time tailgating in the beautiful Florida weather with thousands of diehard Bucs fans. Each game you’ll find the stadium and parking lots filled with loyal and rowdy fans ready to cheer on their team, so don’t think twice about making the trip to Tampa.


What the Buc Tailgate

If you’re looking to join an established Bucs tailgate, then there is no better tailgate to join than the What the Buc Tailgate. The What the Buc Tailgate has plenty of games, entertainment, and food making it an excellent place to hang out before the game. Just make sure to bring a donation and join in on the fun!

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Where to tailgate

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