1. Pirate Ship

The most unique aspect of Raymond James Stadium is the 103-foot, 43-ton of steel and concrete replica pirate ship. No other stadium in all of sports has one, so make sure to stop by and take a picture when attending a Bucs game.

2. Cannons

Each time the Bucs score the cannons on the ship fires once for each point scored. The cannons fire soft-rubber footballs and confetti. Look for the cannons to go off a lot as the Buccaneers run up the score on their opponents.

3. Captain Fear

Every game you’ll be able to find the Bucs mascot Captain Fear patrolling the sidelines and entertaining the crowd. The lovable Captain Fear will keep everyone up on their feet during the game, so come prepared to cheer hard for the Bucs throughout the game.

4. Fight Songs

Hey, Hey Tampa Bay” has been the Buccaneers fight song since 1979. Another popular song at Bucs games is “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” which can often be heard throughout the game. These songs are a fan favorite, so learn the lyrics and join in on the fun.

5. RED

Red is the official Buccaneers women fan engagement program, which gives fans the chance to take part in interactive experiences, see what goes on behind the scenes, and much more. If you’re looking to engage with the Bucs fan community than there is no better way to do so than by signing up for RED.

6. Salute to Service

The Buccaneers own unique tradition of supporting the men and women who served or continue to serve our country. For each home game, the Buccaneers bring in a Hero of the Game and invite service men and women to cheer on the team from exclusive Tampa Bay Buccaneers Salute to Service Suite.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

The Buccaneers Cheerleaders made their debut as the SwashBucklers alongside the team in 1976 and have been entertaining fans ever since. The group performs a variety of dance moves that entertain and invigorate the fans.

8. Buccaneers - Saints Rivalry

The rivalry between the Bucs and Saints dates back to 1977 when the 0-26 Bucs earned their first win in franchise history by upsetting the Saints 33-14. In 2002, realignment landed the Bucs and Saints in the NFC South division fueling the fierce rivalry that currently exists between these two teams.

9. What the Buc Tailgate

If you’re looking to join an established Bucs tailgate, then there is no better tailgate to join than the What the Buc Tailgate. The What the Buc Tailgate has plenty of games, entertainment, and food making it an excellent place to hang out before the game. Just make sure to bring a donation and join in on the fun!

10. Pirate Theme

Raymond James Stadium is one of the most unique stadiums in the whole country. The stadium is decked out in everything pirate themed. From an end zone pirate ship to a talking parrot, to palm trees along the stadium, you will feel the Buccaneers presence when attending a game.

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