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Tropicana Field is the last fixed dome stadium left in Major League Baseball, but it comes with its advantages, the biggest being the stadium is completely air conditioned.  You can sit back and enjoy the game without worrying about sunburn, your legs sticking to the seats, burning your hand on a railing, or the glare of the sun interrupting your view of the game.  

One of the most unique features about a Rays game is the presence of actual Stingrays.  During the 2006 season, the outfield was redone to include a 10,000-gallon saltwater fish tank full of Stingrays.  Fans love the attraction as it turns a day at the ballpark into an afternoon at the aquarium as well.

There is always something going on at the games; ranging from usher dance offs, cats as DJ’s and conga lines that form on the field, the entertainment at Tropicana Field is neverending. If that isn’t enough, after a Friday night game there is a dance party on the field, and with a guest, DJ brought in to supply the beats.

Things to check out

Rays Touch Tank

In right-center field over the fence is the Rays Touch Tank, a 35-foot, ten-gallon tank filled with rays that fans are allowed to see and interact with. The tank also serves as a charitable enterprise; for every ball hit into the tank by a Rays player, the Rays franchise will donate $5,000 to charity.

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Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame

The Ted Williams Museum was moved to Tropicana Field in 2006 and is home to exhibits honoring the legendary Williams’ career with not only the Boston Red Sox but also the United States Marine Corp. The museum and Hitters Hall of Fame also features a ton of authentic baseball memorabilia, a Pitching Wall of Great Achievement, and a Negro League wing as well as rotating exhibits featuring mementos from the Tampa Bay Rays and the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from the 1950’s.

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Cuesta Rey Cigar Bar

The Cuesta-Bay Cigar Bar is the only place you’re allowed smoke inside Tropicana Field. The Cuesta-Bay Cigar Bar offers a large selection of cigars, many of which are locally made so stop by and check it out.

The Three Specially Marked Seats

There are three specially marked seats inside Tropicana Field, commemorating special moments in Tampa Bay history. The gold seat in section 148, marks the spot of the first home run in franchise history hit by Wade Boggs; another gold seat in section 144 that marks where Boggs’ 3,000th hit landed; and a white seat in section 140 that marks where Dan Johnson’s game-tying home run landed during Game 162 (clinched the AL Wild Card) in the 2011 season. Fun fact: Johnson’s ball struck a fan, well, in the Johnson.

DJ Kitty

Whenever the Tampa Bay Devil Rays need a rally, DJ Kitty is on the job. Decked out in Rays gear, DJ Kitty and his turntable appear on the large video screen while music is blasted through the P.A. system, firing up fans and the players alike.

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Inspired by Will Ferrell's iconic “More Cowbell” skit on Saturday Night Live, this tradition has been a big part of home games at Tropicana Field. The Rays host “Cowbell Night” once a year in which they give out free cowbells, but they can also be bought year-round inside the stadium. Fans use the cowbells when an opposing batter has two strikes, when the opposing fans try to chant, and when the Rays make a good play.

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Turn Back the Clock Night

The Tampa Bay Rays hold this promotional event every season and has turned into a great tradition for the Rays. Since 2006, the Rays and their opponent wear throwback uniforms for this retro-themed game. Because the Rays don’t have as extensive of a franchise history to choose uniforms from, they often wear historic uniforms of other local teams. In recent years, the Rays have worn “faux-back” uniforms - designed to look like what the Rays uniforms might have looked like during certain time periods.

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Friday Night Dance Parties

After every Friday night game, there is a post game dance party on the field with a guest DJ. Stick around after a Friday night game and join in the dance party following the game.

Fight Songs

  1. Feel the Heat Rays

    This song by Darren Moore is played after home runs and victories at Tropicana Field.

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