Tailgating at Tropicana Field is a pretty low-key, family friendly experience.  Some fans come closer to game time while others will hang out for batting practice, or wander over to Ferg’s for a little bit (or a lot!) of partying before game time.  If you want to tailgate at the stadium, you can do so in the lots on the east side of the stadium.  There should be plenty of room for you to park and toss out a small grill and a cooler with a table and a few chairs.

The majority of the fans head into downtown St. Petersburg which is only about 2 miles from the stadium.  There you will find all of the most popular sports bars and restaurants which can be found on our bars and restaurant guide as well.  



Right across from the Trop is Ferg’s, a massive, multi-level bar that lots of Rays fans frequent before the games. Superfans come in droves, ready to party and celebrate game day with other fans and locals so if you want to get rowdy before the game, Ferg’s is where you need to be.

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Palm Trees

If you’re from a colder climate take some time to see the palm trees outside the stadium.

Where to tailgate

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