1. Cherry Crusade

The loudest fans at any Temple basketball game can be found in the Cherry Crusade. Temple students are very devoted to their team and win, or loss will support their team, so enjoy the atmosphere created by the Cherry Crusade.

2. Temple Roll Outs

Make sure to check out the Temple Roll Outs when the Owls take on a Big 5 member. The banners poke fun at the rival school, and Temple students spend lots of time creating them. Temple Roll Outs are a big part of the pageantry that goes along with the Big 5 rivalry and is a must-see for anyone attending a Big 5 game featuring Temple.

3. Ring of Honor

The Ring of Honor honors the best players in Owls men’s and women’s basketball history. It contains greats such as Pepe Sanchez and Terence Stansbury, so check it out when attending a Temple basketball game.

4. Temple Athletics Hall of Fame

The Liacouras Center is home to the Temple Athletics Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is a must-see for college sports fans, so take some time to learn more about Owls Athletics during your visit.

5. Philadelphia Big 5

Philadelphia’s Big 5 consists of the Villanova, Temple, St. Joseph’s, Penn, and La Salle and is one of the best multi-team rivalries in college sports. The Big 5 dates back to 1955 and originally was created to showcase Philadelphia’s basketball talent and raise money for the Palestra. The proximity of the schools means there is a lot of bragging rights on the line whenever these teams meet, so don’t miss the matchups between these schools.

6. Lobby Statues

When you enter the Liacouras Center, snap a picture with the statues of Harry Litwack and John Chaney. The statues pay tribute to two of greatest coaches in Owls history.

7. Owl Eyes Mural

During your stroll around the concourse, you’ll want to stop by and check out the owl eyes mural located behind the Temple student section. The mural adds a nice touch to the arena and does an excellent job of showing off school pride, so check it out.

8. Hooter T. Owl

Hooter is the official mascot of the Temple Owls and can be found on the sidelines cheering on the team at every Temple home game. He always puts on a great show that revs up the crowd, so keep your eyes peeled for him at the next Temple game you attend.

9. Temple Band

The Temple band puts on a great show during the game and provides an incredible in-game atmosphere. You’ll have a great time hearing the band perform fan favorites like “T” for Temple “U” and much more.

10. Temple-UConn Rivalry

Temple have a fierce rivalry with fellow American Athletic Conference members UConn. UConn is the closest team in the AAC to Temple, so you’ll see plenty of fans of both teams at games between these two. The mixed crowd creates a tense atmosphere and is one of the best matchups in the AAC, so get tickets when the Huskies come to town.

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