1. W Flag

Since the Smokies became the Double-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs in 2007, they have flown a W flag after every victory just like their parent club. Look for the W flag in the outfield after every Smokies win.

2. Meyer Stadium Seats

Take a seat in the Meyer Stadium seats in the outfield behind the right-field foul pole. The seats are a nice tribute to the Smokies history and their former home, so see them during your visit to Smokies Stadium.

3. Homer’s Playland

If you’re taking the kids to the game, then make sure to visit Homer’s Playland. Homer’s Playland is located down the right field line and features inflatables, skeeball, a playground, and more.

4. Chicken Run

Kids ages five to twelve can take part in the Chicken Run at select Smokies games. The Chicken Run allows kids on the field to chase after Clucky Jacobson, so make your way to Section 118 an inning before the event to take part in the fun.

5. Fireworks

When attending a Friday or Saturday game, make sure to stick around for the fireworks after the game. Fans of all ages love the postgame fireworks show, so don’t miss it during your visit to Smokies Stadium.

6. GoTeez Locker Room

Pick up a Smokies cap or t-shirt at the GoTeez Locker Room. Here you’ll find a wide selection of ballpark souvenirs making it an excellent place to pick up a keepsake from your trip.

7. Mascots

You won’t want to miss the Smokies’ mascots and their antics. Slugger, Diamond, and Homer get into all kinds of shenanigans at games, making them a must-see part of any game.

8. Smoky Mountain Brewery Bullpen

Those of you looking to enjoy a meal at the ballpark will want to stop by the Smoky Mountain Brewery Bullpen. The full-service restaurant features food, drinks, tables, and a bar, so stop by and grab a bite during the game.

9. Lone Seat

Check out the lone seat when taking in a game at Smokies Stadium. The lone seat is reserved for military personnel missing in action and is an excellent way to pay tribute to these individuals.

10. Calhoun’s at the Yard

Calhoun’s at the Yard is located in left field and is an excellent place to enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet while taking in a game. Here you’ll enjoy all-you-can-eat pork, chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, and more making the buffet well worth the price tag.

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