TSU fans love to tailgate, and you’ll find a lively atmosphere outside Nissan Stadium on game days creating a fun and festive feeling at every game. The fans here come out in large numbers considering the school’s size, and everywhere you look on game days you’ll see Tigers fans tailgating with friends and family.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your tailgating experience, then make sure to reserve a spot in Tiger Town in lot R. You’ll not only have more room to tailgate here you’ll also get to tailgate alongside some of the best tailgaters Tennessee State has to offer. A lot of these fans go all out creating pregame meals, so bring something to share, and you’ll have no problem making friends who might be willing to share some of their favorite recipes.

In addition to the tailgating, enjoy the TSU Aristocrats of Bands as they make their way to the stadium. The band is one of the main draws at a TSU game, and they put on an incredible performance before entering the stadium.

Arrive early and make the most out of your trip to a Tigers games.


Aristocrats of Band Pregame March and Concert

Don’t miss the Aristocrats of Band as they make their way to the stadium. The pregame march and concert are a must-see for any TSU fan or visiting fan, so enjoy the show before heading into the stadium for some Tigers football action.

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