1. Pregame Pep Rally

Make sure to check out the pregame pep rally before the game. The pep rally features the band, cheerleaders, and other spirit groups making it the perfect way to get into the Golden Eagles spirit before the game.

2. Sgt. York Trophy

The Sgt. York Trophy is awarded to the winner of the four-way rivalry between, Austin Peay, Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, and UT Martin. There is more than just a win in the standing on the line when these Tennessee-based Ohio Valley Conference teams meet, so don’t miss it when the Golden Eagles take on one of their Tennessee-based rivals.

3. Cannon

Don’t miss the firing of the cannon by the ROTC at Tucker Stadium. The cannon is fired after every Golden Eagles score as well as before the game. Nothing fires up the crowd up like the firing of the cannon, so get loud when you hear it go off.

4. The Golden Eagle Marching Band

The Golden Eagle Marching Band is a big part of every Tennessee Tech football game and puts on quite the show. The band’s performance is always one of the more memorable parts of the game, and you won’t want to miss the pregame or halftime show. Don’t leave your seat when the band takes the field as you’ll be in for a show.

5. Kids Activities

Tennessee Tech tailgates feature plenty of kids activities including inflatables and more. If you’re tailgating with the kids, don’t worry as there is plenty to keep them occupied at the tailgate.

6. Awesome Eagle

Awesome Eagle is one of the best mascots around, and he does a fantastic job of interacting with fans at the game. No matter what your age, you won’t want miss Awesome Eagle, so keep an eye out for him at the game.

7. Golden Girls

The Golden Girls dance team will dazzle you with their impressive dance routines. These talented dancers are a must-see part of any Golden Eagles game, so keep your eyes on the field when they take the stage.

8. Cheerleaders

Join the cheerleaders as they try to propel the Golden Eagles to victory with their cheers and chants. The cheerleaders do a great job of pumping up the crowd and are a fun part of any Tennessee Tech football game.

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