1. The 12th Man

The school has built monuments surrounding Kyle Field and constructed signs in the stadium honoring the 12th man. This 12th man is what the fans have come to identify as. They have songs steeped in fandom surrounding this historic tradition. On gameday this means Aggies get loud, and strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. There is no more frightening a place to play unless you are an Aggie.

2. Touchdown Kiss

Another long time tradition at Texas A&M is that after every touchdown, a couple must kiss each other. Sure there is still a lot of cheering, yelling, and screaming, but somewhere in between all the craziness many couples in the crowd get a nice smooch in. Going to a game with a date, you are sure to hope for a high scoring game!

3. Statue of E King Gill

The original 12th man. As lore has it, a student from the stadium was called to the sidelines if the Aggies had lost so many players due to injury. E King Gill suited up and stood aptly by, while his team routed an impressive win despite being the underdogs going in. Students honor the 12th man by standing the entire game, at the ready like E King Gill would have it.

4. Reveille

The mascot of Texas A&M is a living and breathing dog! His name is Reveille, a purebred rough collie. Having all been female, each Reveille has watched over her players like next of kin. She attends every football game to give life to the crowd. Reveille even has her cell phone, attended to by her caretakers the Corps of Cadets Company E-2. If she is to attend a class and bark, the class is canceled. So she can even cancel class over the phone!

5. Yell Leaders

Instead of cheerleaders, Texas A & M has had yell leaders since they were an all-male institution. These upperclassmen fire up the crowd and rally behind their Aggies. They run up and down the sidelines pumping up the 12th man. The night before a game the Yell Leaders host the midnight yell, a pep rally at Kyle Field.

6. Champions Hall

The Hall of Champions is a virtual museum that pays tribute to great Texas A&M’s athletes and moments of the past. The museum is an impressive 30,000 sq ft and allows fans to see championship trophies and even try on a virtual Aggies uniform.

7. Howdy

The student body is known for being friendly on campus and introducing themselves to visitors and out of towners alike with the phrase, “Howdy.” They will help you get to where you’re going and guide you along campus.


8. Firing of the Spirit of 02

The Corps of Cadets marks any Aggie scores during football games by firing The Spirit of ’02, a 3-inch M1902 field gun issued to Field Artillery Units of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps between the World Wars, the gun was believed to be one of several that were hidden by Corps members to prevent them from being scrapped during WWII. The Spirit of ’02 was found buried in a ditch by students cutting wood for the annual Aggie Bonfire in the fall of 1974.

9. The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band

The largest military marching band in the United States, this crew puts on a spectacle. They play technical music while performing complicated maneuvers during halftime. They are a welcomed aspect of the Aggie student body. When the band finishes playing the crowd echoes through the stadium with a boisterous “Whoop!”

10. The War Hymn Monument

This collection of monuments displays the diverse student body as well as pays tribute to the fans who have played a major role in the team’s success over the years. Stop by the War Hymn Monument as it honors you the fan.

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