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The College Park Center opened in 2012 and is an excellent place to take in a college basketball game. The arena offers superb sightlines, and the intimacy of the facility will put you right on top of the action. You’ll also find a wide variety of concessions at the College Park Center, so you won’t have to worry about going hungry. The stands here serve everything from Tex-Mex to barbecue, and you can even buy beer in the arena.

In addition to the College Park Center being a great basketball venue, the spirit groups at UTA are also top notch. The Wranglers are comprised of diehard student fans, and they go all out to support the Mavericks at every game. The school’s mascot is no slouch either as Blaze will get everyone up and cheering whenever he’s around. Last, but not least don’t’ miss the UTA cheerleaders who have won four national championships since 2010.

Finally, the College Park Center is near Arlington’s entertainment district as well as the College Park District, so you’ll find plenty to do before and after the game. There are tons of bars and restaurants nearby to check out including Texadelphia, Grease Monkey Burger Shop, and Twisted Root Beer Co. among others.

A UTA basketball game is a fun time for any Sun Belt basketball fan or anyone looking for something to do while visiting the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, so get your tickets to a Mavericks game today.

Things to check out


Take a walk around the concourse to see the giant player posters and other Mavericks related artwork. The posters, banners, and signage lets you know exactly where you are and show off Mavericks pride, so check them all out.

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UTA Wranglers

Famous for their blue and orange striped overalls, the Wranglers spread Mavericks spirit wherever they go. These super fans love their team and go all out to support UTA, so don’t miss them when attending a Mavericks game.

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Pep Band

The UTA pep band provides the majority of the atmosphere at Mavericks basketball games and is one of the best brass bands in the Sun Belt. Sit back and enjoy the band when attending a UTA basketball game.

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Blaze is the official mascot of UTA and does an incredible job of keeping everyone’s spirits high. He’ll get into all kinds of shenanigans at Mavericks games, so keep an eye out for Blaze as you never know what he’ll do next.

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The UTA Cheerleaders have won four national championships since 2010 and are a big part of what makes attending a UTA basketball game a great experience. The cheerleaders lead the crowd in a variety of cheers and are a can’t miss part of any Mavericks game. Join in the cheerleader’s cheers when attending a UTA basketball game.

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Dance Team

Enjoy the Mavericks Dance Team during your trip to Arlington. The dance team performs a variety of different dance routines featuring pom, jazz, and hip-hop style dances.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    Blue, white, we’ve got the might,
    Mavericks, we’re gonna fight
    Shout our praises to the sky
    Go big Mavericks
    All the way Mavericks, Fight Fight!
    Go big Mavericks
    UTA Mavericks
    Fight, Fight
    Go Mavs!!

  2. Alma Mater

    Dear School we love,
    You are our Alma Mater,
    And through the years,
    Our faith we shall proclaim.
    We are each one,
    A loyal son or daughter,
    Our song of praise,
    Shall glorify your name.
    Dear School we love,
    Forever Arlington.
    Forever Arlington!

  3. U-T-A


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