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Racing fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, as well as all throughout the country, will have a great time taking in a race at the Texas Motor Speedway. The Texas Motor Speedway features several major races including NASCAR’s O’Reilly Auto Parts 500 and AAA Texas 500 as well as IndyCar’s Rainguard Water Sealers 600.

There is no better time to take in a race at the Texas Motor Speedway then during one of these three race weekends. At all three of these races, you’ll find diehard fans filling the stands. These fans go all out to show support for their favorite driver, and you’ll have no problem starting up a conversation with the fans sitting around you as everyone here knows there stuff.

The incredible fans and fantastic races aren’t the only things that make attending a race at the Texas Motor Speedway a great experience. There is a lot to see when visiting the Texas Motor Speedway. The racetrack is home to the largest HD video board in the world as well as a driving school and world class gift shop. The videoboard at the Texas Motor Speedway, known as Big Hoss, is worth the trip to the Texas Motor Speedway all by itself as the massive screen ensures you’ll never miss any of the action. Additionally, don’t miss your opportunity to take a tour of the track, which includes a few laps around the track.

Finally, if you’re looking to party throughout the race, then make sure to get tickets to the infield. The infield at the Texas Motor Speedway is where you’ll find the rowdiest fans on race day and the perfect place to sit back and throw down a few beers with your closest friends as well as thousands of other racing fans.

You can’t go wrong taking in a race at the Texas Motor Speedway where the fantastic fans and incredible track features and amenities make it an unforgettable experience.

Things to check out

Infield Wristbands

Those of you wanting to party hard throughout the race will want to get wristbands for the infield during your trip to Fort Worth. The wristbands are good for the whole weekend meaning there is lots of action for you to catch during your trip. There is nothing better than throwing back a few beers in the infield with fellow racing fans, so get your wristbands during the week.
Speedway World Gift Shop - Pick up a souvenir from your trip to the Texas Motor Speedway at the Speedway World Gift Shop. The shop has all kinds of racing gear that will make an excellent keepsake for any racing fan.

Big Hoss TV

Everything is bigger in Texas and it’s no different when it comes to HD screens as the Texas Motor Speedway is home to the world’s largest HD screen, BIg Hoss TV. Big Hoss TV measures 20,633.64 sq ft and is a can’t miss part of any race. Enjoy seeing all the replays on Big Hoss when taking in a race at the Texas Motor Speedway.

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Lone Star Legends

If you or someone in your family is involved in racing or if you just want check out the latest equipment, then stop by Lone Star Legends. Lone Star Legends is located in Lone Star Tower and features all kinds of safety equipment, race cars, parts, and much more.

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No Limits Checkered Past Texas Ale

No trip to the Texas Motor Speedway is complete without trying the No Limits Checkered Past Texas Ale. The Texas Motor Speedway is one of the only speedways to have its own beer, so give it a try during your trip to Fort Worth.

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Friday Night Drags

All summer Friday Night Drags offers you an excellent opportunity to take in some drag racing at the Texas Motor Speedway. The gates opens at 6:00 pm and the races are a lot of fun, so take the trip to Fort Worth to witness some Friday night drag racing.

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RaceDay U

There is no better way to learn about the sport of racing than by taking part in RaceDay U. RaceDay U teaches you the ins and outs of the sport and includes souvenirs, tickets to the race, and food and drinks making it a great experience for any new racing fan.

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Victory Lane Club

Those of you who want to enjoy the race and beat the heat will want to secure tickets to the Victory Lane Club. The Victory Lane Club also includes private restrooms, video games, pool tables, food, and much more.

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