_Tailgating in Arlington has picked up over the last 5 years, and the team has been enjoying more consistent success than the years prior. With that being said, it is not a wild atmosphere like a football game but more of a calm and relaxed environment to sit in the bed of a truck, or post up a few lawn chairs and have a couple of beers before the stadium opens for batting practice.  

One of the best options other than using your parking space as your hangout is to stop by the Captain Morgan Club. Other options for the pre-game include Humperdinks Restaurant & Brewpub and Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub & Grill.

The Ballpark in Arlington and the surrounding town of Arlington has a good tailgating scene in the surrounding parking lots which offers a more calm experience, and the local bars/restaurants is a little more rowdy of an experience on game day. For those who want something entirely different and off the wall to do before the game, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is just five minutes from the ballpark. Home to the Titan roller coaster (top speed of 85 mph and 255-foot drops), if you want to get your blood pumping before the gates open then Six Flags is your pre-game destination.


Captain Morgan Club

This more upscale bar is located in the office building in the center field, with two levels of seating and wall to wall TVs. Not only do they offer many beer options (including frozen beer!) and of course plenty of Captain Morgan, their food is worth a try as well. Food options include the Nolan Ryan bacon wrapped hot dog, burgers, tacos, and even the Boomstick - a 2 ft. Long hot dog.

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Humperdinks Restaurant & Brewpub

Just a half mile away from The Ballpark in Arlington is Humperdinks Restaurant & Brewpub. Here you’ll find a younger and noisier crowd than other spots in the area, so if you’re looking to party before the Rangers play, then this is the place for you.

Rangers Fans Statue

Before entering the ballpark, stop by the Rangers Fans Statue. The statue is dedicated to Shannon Stone, who died after he fell out of the stands trying to catch a ball.

Ballpark Tour

Arrive early and take a tour of the ballpark before the game. The tour gives you access to the field, press box, and dugout and is a great time for any diehard baseball fan.

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Six Flags Over Texas/Hurricane HarborSix Flags Over Texas/Hurricane Harbor

If you made a trip all the way to Arlington for the game and are looking to maximize your time, drive five minutes down the road to Six Flags Over Texas and the Six Flags-owned water park Hurricane Harbor. Featuring the Titan roller coaster, which reaches speeds of 85 mph and a drop of 255 feet, Six Flags is a must for thrill seekers in the area.

Where to tailgate

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