1. Texas Rangers Hall of Fame Museum

Take some time before the game to see the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame Museum in right field. The museum features artifacts from all throughout Rangers history is a must-see for Rangers fans and baseball fans, so stop by and check it out before the game starts.

2. Nolan Ryan Statue

Located in center field, the Nolan Ryan Statue pays tribute to one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history as well as one of the most important figures in Rangers history. Even if you’re not a Rangers fan, you’ll want to stop and take a picture with the statue of this all-time great.

3. Captain Morgan Club

This more upscale bar is located in the office building in the center field, with two levels of seating and wall to wall TVs. Not only do they offer many beer options (including frozen beer!)  and of course plenty of Captain Morgan, their food is worth a try as well. Food options include the Nolan Ryan bacon wrapped hot dog, burgers, tacos, and even the Boomstick – a 2 ft. Long hot dog.

4. Texas 24 Stand

The Texas 24 Stand will treat you to the real MVP of the ballpark…the most valuable pretzel. This behemoth of bread weighs in at 3 pounds, comes with honey mustard, cheese, and cinnamon roll icing as dipping sauces and is available in Section 127 where you can also find other gargantuan food items such as  the 2 foot long Choomongous steak sandwich, and a 2 foot long Texas Chili Dog fittingly named the Boomstick.

5. Chuck Morgan

The Rangers PA announcer Chuck Morgan has been the voice of The Ballpark in Arlington for years and is a big part of any Rangers game day. Listen for Morgan’s calls throughout the game as he’ll surely keep you entertained.

6. Humperdinks Restaurant & Brewpub

Just a half mile away from The Ballpark in Arlington is Humperdinks Restaurant & Brewpub. Here you’ll find a younger and noisier crowd than other spots in the area, so if you’re looking to party before the Rangers play, then this is the place for you.

7. Rangers Six Shooters

The Rangers Six Shooters entertain the crowd with dance routines and promotions. Keep an eye out for these talented young ladies as you wouldn’t want to miss their performances.

8. Unusual Drink Options

One of the more intriguing aspects of The Ballpark in Arlington is not only their unique food choices but the beverages as well. In section 15 you can find yourself some Keg Wine, and in section 46, they offer fans frozen beer. Yes, a beer slushy. You can’t beat that in the Texas heat. They, of course, offer the usual Bud Light and other baseball classics but be sure to venture out a little bit and try something unique The Ballpark in Arlington has to offer.

9. Greene’s Hill

Greene’s Hill is a sloped section off of turf located behind the center field fence and serves as a batter’s eye. Look to Greene’s Hill after every Rangers home run as you’ll see the Rangers Six Shooters running a giant Texas flag around the hill.

10. Rangers Pro Shop

If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip, stop by the Rangers Pro Shop in center field. The shop features all kinds of gear meaning you won’t leave empty-handed.

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