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While the football game may be what’s advertised as the main event, it’s the Texas Southern Ocean of Soul Marching Band that steals the show. Like at a lot of HBCUs, the band steals the show at Tigers game making a trip to BBVA Compass Stadium worth the price of admission just to see the band. The crowd is the loudest all game during the halftime performance, so don’t leave your seat during the break as you wouldn’t want to miss the Ocean of Soul.

In addition to the incredible band, you’ll also be treated to fantastic performances by the cheerleaders and the Motion of the Ocean dancers. Both groups are can’t-miss parts of the action and help give every Tigers game a uniquely collegiate feel.

Finally, the fans at Texas Southern do a great job of supporting their team. All throughout the game, you’ll hear the crowd roar when the Tigers make a big play. Get loud when the Tigers score or take away the ball from the opposition as there is no better feeling at a Tigers game than being part of the crowd.

A Texas Southern game features a fantastic band, spirit groups, and fans making a trip to BBVA Compass Stadium a must for any FCS football fan.

Things to check out

Wall Art

All around the concourse of BBVA Compass Stadium is wall art dedicated to Dynamo players and fans. The wall art celebrates current and past players, and there is even a mural dedicated to season ticket holders, so walk the concourse and see it all before kickoff.

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Houston Dynamo Championship Banners

Hanging above the south stand are banners honoring the Dynamo's 2006 and 2007 MLS Cup winning teams as well as the 2011 and 2012 Eastern Conference champions. Make sure to check out the banners and learn more about the MLS’s Houston Dynamo.

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Texas Southern Ocean of Soul

The Texas Southern Ocean of Soul puts on an incredible performance at every game, so sit back and enjoy the show. The band is one of the best parts of any Texas Southern football game, and the fans go crazy during their halftime show, making it a can’t-miss part of the game.

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The Texas Southern cheerleaders pump up the crowd throughout the game. The cheerleaders do a fantastic job of riling up the crowd, so join in and give the Tigers an incredible home field advantage.

Motion of the Ocean

The dancers at Texas Southern will dazzle you with their routines, so don’t leave your seat when the Motion of the Ocean takes the stage. You won’t want to miss these talented performers during your trip to BBVA Compass Stadium.

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Tiger Mascots

Keep an eye out for Texas Southern’s two tiger mascots. The beloved mascots get into all kinds of antics during the game and are a must-see for any fan in attendance.

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Fight Songs

  1. TSU Fight Song

    We Are The Tigers of TSU
    We Love Our Team
    And Our Colors Too!
    Hooray for Maroon & Gray


  2. Texas Southern Alma Mater

    The air is filled as our voices ring
    From earth to the heav’ns above.

    With voices raised; we’re
    singing praise,
    To the school we dearly love.

    Hail, Hail, Hail! to Texas South-ern
    Hail, to our dear Maroon and Gray
    Undivided we will stand
    By the greatest in the land,
    T-S-U, T-S-U, we love you.

    All roads lead to Texas South-ern,
    Paved with light for one and all.
    T-S-U’s a shining star
    And we’re proud of what you are,
    T-S-U, T-S-U, we love you.

    Hail, Hail, Hail! To Texas South-ern
    Hail to our Chiefs in reverence we sing.
    In our hearts you’ll always stay
    As you lead us on our way,
    T-S-U, T-S-U, we love you.

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